Carousel – 2113


People often complain about how rock music isn’t the same as it used to be in the “good old days”, with the term ‘rock’ now often being used to describe any song which has a slightly edgy riff. Due to this, it can be hard for classic rock fans to discover new music that appeals to their tastes. If you are someone who enjoys listening to old-style rock and roll without any of the frills or gimmicks, then you should be getting excited about the release of 2113 (TeePee) by Pittsburgh-based quartet Carousel.

It is almost impossible to write a rock album review without mentioning the guitar riffs at some point, however, Carousel are able to prove from the first track alone that they have completely nailed the technical guitar aspect. ‘Trouble’ is full of infectious riffs and melodies that are able to stick to the typical classic rock theme whilst still sounding fresh.

In ‘Jim’s Song’ Dave Wheeler and co. seem to express their own opinions on the current music scene: “Don’t want to hear another song about a broken dream”. The lyrical content throughout the entire album is both interesting and unique, making the listener want to hear more about what is going on in the minds of Carousel.

It is hard to compare Dave’s vocals to anyone else’s, however, Carousel’s music as a whole seems to have obvious influences from bands such as Heaven’s Basement, Black Star Riders and even Black Stone Cherry.

If you like old-school riffs fused with lots of cowbell and effect pedals then Carousel are definitely the band for you. Although they may not appeal to everyone there is no denying that their music is both tight and well-written.