The Exploding Boy – Alarms!

In the business of reviewing new albums from extreme musical acts, it is always a nice breath of fresh air when I get material that is not as abrasive as most of the albums I review. The Exploding Boy has dropped a new album entitled Alarms! (Drakkar) and it is chock full of eleven songs that anyone can dance to and enjoy. Having all the elements of a Goth Rock/dark Indie band just with their own spin on it, the Swedish outfit hit the nail on the head for a successful album.

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Les Discrets – Prédateurs

In France’s hugely abundant and ever reaching music scene, Fursy Teyssier is a name that should be heralded as a driving force and an important figurehead within its wealth. Formerly a part of both Alcest and Amesoeurs’ fabric (in different capacities), Les Discrets is Teyssier’s main outlet today and represented a chance to branch out in artistic ways he could not in previous. With such a pedigree in the Shoegaze/Black Metal that Alcest are especially renowned for, it may surprise many to see the stylistic shift that third full length Prédateurs (Prophecy) has undertaken; but its sheer quality and artistic integrity should not be a shock.Continue reading