Tool Releases New Merch Line For “10,000 Days” Anniversary

Tool marked the 15th anniversary of the release of their 10,000 Days (Volcano, Tool Dissectional) album on May 2nd, 2021 with a new line of special themed merch. Among the typical shirts, hoodies, and hats, there are pillows, pint glasses, a sherpa blanket, and the Vicarious single/video DVD for sale at their store. 2021 is a special year for Tool album milestones as Lateralus (read our review here) just turned 20 years old, and Ænima will see a 25th anniversary this fall. The band was supposed to be on the road touring being Fear Inoculum, but has been largely inactive since the lockdown as vocalist Maynard James Kennan contracted COVID-19 twice and released a new album with Puscifer, while Adam Jones put out an instrumental single and video with the help of fellow bandmates Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor.

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In the year of our lord, two-thousand and one, a musical miracle happened. After years embroiled in the first (and certainly not the last) major album jeopardizing lawsuit of their career, Tool, released Laterals (Volcano). The David Botrill produced album kicked off a new musical era for the band that was only hinted at on 1996’s Aenima (Volcano).

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Danny Carey Says Tool is A Free Agent for The First Time Since 1992, Still Hopes To Record an EP

In a new interview with Skinny Puppy founding member cEvin Key, drummer, Danny Carey of Tool discussed his hopes that the band would work on new music during the pandemic and shut down of touring. Carey remarked the band has basically been on hiatus since their spring tour was canceled during the outbreak and the band subsequently cancleed all remaining tours, to give aid to fans needing high priced tickets back, rather than rebook and hold their monies. Danny also mentioned the band doesn’t have a record deal, technically for the first time since early in their career. Tool’s worldwide smash album Fear Inoculum released on August 30th 2019 via Tool Dissectional/RCA Records.Continue reading

Tool Pays Tribute To Neil Pert of Rush in San Diego

As the news gripped the world the other night that Rush’s Neil Peart had died, Tool was kickiing off their new leg of the Fear Inoculum tour in San Diego. The band paid tribute to Peart and Rush, several times during the night: During Danny Carey’s drum solo, later performing a partial cover of ‘A Passage to Bangkok’ and their “walk out music at the end of the night, 2112. Watch fan filmed video!Continue reading

The New Tool Album “Fear Inoculum is finally released!

Happy New Tool album Day! Fear Inoculum (RCA REcords/Volcano)is out now! This may very well have surpassed the Slipknot and Rammstein albums in terms of hype! You can read our 9 / 10 review or flip back to all our recent coverage here! Apparently there is a big tour announcement coming tomorrow from the band as well. Stay tuned to Ghost Cult for details! Go ahead and purchase and stream the album now!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Tool – Fear Inoculum

You are not really ready for the new Tool album.

Thanks for coming to my TedX Talk.

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ALBUM PREVIEW: We Have Heard the New Tool Album and Here is What We Think So Far

Ghost Cult had the opportunity to visit RCA Records’ headquarters in New York City to take part in an exclusive Tool listening event for press for Fear Inoculum, releasing on August 30th. We appreciate being counted among the major media in attendance and getting to experience this highly anticipated new album. Although this is not a full review (check back next week), this contains our initial thoughts on Tool album number six. Continue reading

Maynard James Keenan Casts Doubt On New Tool Album Coming This April

By answering a tweet last night, Maynard James Keenan has quelled some of the excitement from last week when Danny Carey apparently revealed the release of the new Tool album was to be this April of May. Responding to a fan question about the album and if it was indeed coming this April, Keenan replied “No”. He has yet to respond to other posts in the thread. This was on the heels of Danny Carey sharing that the album would ‘likely” release in April or May, followed by the band uploading new visualizers o their official website. Of course, Tool are master manipulators of the media (mea culpa) and notorious funsters who love prodding their eager fanbase with mind games, practical jokes, and fake outs. They have done this since the beginning of their career. We’ll keep following this story as it develops. Continue reading

Danny Carey Leaks the Release Month of the New Tool Album

Tool drummer Danny Carey is at The NAMM Show this weekend promoting his gear endorsements. As broken by submission to Tool fan source, Carey told a fan the new tool album is coming out in mid-April, adding “that’s the plan anyway”. Additionally, several confidants of the band posted that they were at a private listening party in Hollywood Friday night and heard the new tool album in one sitting as a preview for friends (see posts below). Granted this is not any kind of official announcement, but definitely encouraging for those waiting for some new Tool songs. Most Tool albums have been released around springtime and the band has festival appearances booked for the spring, followed by a full European tour this summer. Tool’s latest album 10,000 Days (Tool Dissectional/Volcano) was released almost 13 years ago, May 2nd, 2006. Continue reading

Watch Primus, Tool And Mastodon Members Cover Peter Gabriel

Primus, by Meg Loyal Photography

At the Los Angeles date of the recent Primus/Mastodon tour, Primus had some help with their regular cover of Peter Gabriel’s deep cut ‘Intruder’. Brann Dailor from Mastodon and Danny Carey from Tool joined in to jam, with help from Brann’s bandmate Troy Sanders as well. Continue reading