Anathema’s Daniel Cavanagh Has Released an Extended Version of his “Monochrome” Album

Anathema songwriter Daniel Cavanagh has released an extended edition of his 2017 solo album Monochrome titled Monochrome / Colour via the Kscope label. The new edition features four additional tracks, including the new single, ‘The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours (Acoustic)’ you can listen to right now. Anathema is currently working on the follow up to their acclaimed album The Optimist. Continue reading

Gleb Kolyadin – Gleb Kolyadin

As one half and the musical engine room of one of contemporary Prog’s most beloved groups Iamthemorning, Gleb Kolyadin is one of progressive rock’s hidden gems and undeniably one of its greatest pure musical talents; a virtuoso pianist and a proven composer with Iamthemorning, whose brand of chamber music and progressive rock has gained not only critical and fan acclaim, but earned Gleb plaudits for his talent from peers such as Daniel Cavanagh and Steve Hogarth. Further cementing that reputation, this solo effort (Kscope) further shows off his compositional and playing talents, all in a manner that surprisingly branches out from his main act.Continue reading

GHOST CULT ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2017: Part 1 (50 – 26)

As the dust begins to settle on what will undoubtedly go down in a history as a fine year for heavy and progressive music, the Ghost Cult crew present our favourite albums of 2017. While a year with only a couple of genuine life-changing, genre redefiners, nevertheless 2017 has seen an absolute plethora of very, very high quality releases. With over 400 albums reviewed this year, at an average of 7.5/10, there was a deep pool of quality releases selected and dissected throughout the year. A genuinely democratic inner sanctum here, we now present Part 1 of an official Ghost Cult Album of the Year (2017) run down that s truly representative of Ghost Cult, our writers, and our musical position as a site. Please share your thoughts and comments on the music we collectively love, as we countdown from 50 through to 26…Continue reading

Daniel Cavanagh – Monochrome

As a founding member of UK prog band Anathema, Daniel Cavanagh is no stranger to writing powerful music that wears its emotions firmly on its sleeve; most recently personified in the sublime The Optimist (Kscope). Cited at various places throughout that album’s promotion was Daniel Cavanagh’s struggle with depression and the low points that he reached in that time. In the light of these battles, solo album Monochrome (Kscope) is a deeply personal record that, in comparison to the emboldened vision of The Optimist, feels more to the bone and loses none of the expected emotional resonance.Continue reading

Anathema – The Optimist

Over a lengthy and storied career, Anathema have always had a knack for change; whether it being through evolutionary steps, a desire toward experimentation or both. It is well documented by now of their beginning as a Doom/Extreme Metal outfit with cult classics developing through to their contemporary, comparatively unrecognisable incarnation as an emotive Prog outfit; simply put, Anathema have always done what they want and have never been ones to bow to expectation. Nowadays, fanfare and as a result, expectation is at an all-time high when it comes to a new album; so in perhaps typical fashion, they release their most cinematic effort and most challenging release for many years in The Optimist (Kscope).Continue reading

A Fine Day To Live: Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema talks The Optimist, being an honest band and more

Despite a messed up sleeping pattern and having not yet gotten around to getting any caffeine in his system in the hour since he woke up, guitarist and co-songwriter Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema is in good, wry spirits. Almost Optimistic one might say… An erudite and affable chap of no little musical or creative talent, Mr Cavanagh is talking to Ghost Cult about the newest Anathema album, The Optimist (KScope) Continue reading

Anathema Announces North American Tour Dates

Anathema recently confirmed that they will be releasing The Optimist on June 9th via Kscope, and now the ambient rockers have announced the first North American tour in support of the highly anticipated record. Continue reading

Anathema Release New Single – Springfield, Pre-Orders Available Now


On the heels of announcing their new album, The Optimist due out this June, Anathema have released the first single. You can listen to ‘Springfield’ below.Continue reading

Anathema Drops Trailer With New Music, The Optimist Coming This June


Post-rock masters Anathema have announced a new album, The Optimist, dropping from Kscope this June 9th. The band has dropped a trailer which you can see below: Continue reading

Leafblade – The Kiss Of Spirit And Fire

KSCOPE253-600px Seven years between albums is a long time, well maybe not for Tool, but certainly for Leafblade. Since releasing their debut album, Beyond Beyond, Leafblade have built up substantial expectations for their follow up, The Kiss Of Spirit And Fire. Featuring a line up of Danny Cavanagh and Daniel Cardoso (Anathema), along with Sean Jude and Kevin Murphy (both ex-Valle Crusis), the result is a stunning, yet refined timeless piece of progressive rock.Continue reading