ALBUM REVIEW: Pharaoh – The Powers That Be

With nine years spent waiting since the release of their last album, 2012’s Bury The Light, Pharaoh returns in forceful fashion with their fifth full-length. The Powers That Be (Cruz Del Sur Music) could very well be the Power Metal veterans’ most aggressive outing since 2006’s The Longest Night, bringing in a borderline thrash undercurrent with the guitar’s blazing technical runs along with the vocals’ established grit. This is established right off the bat with the title track’s assertive crunch and ‘Will We Rise’ follows up the intensity with some added Classic Metal flavor.

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Hammers of Misfortune’s Modern Metal Classic “The Bastard” Reissue Vinyl Incoming

One of the best debut Metal albums ever in the genre, Hammers of Misfortune’s The Bastard is getting the 20th-anniversary vinyl reissue from Cruz Del Sur Music. Due out on July 9th, 2021, comes newly remastered, and complete with never-before-seen artwork. The gatefold and deluxe DLP editions will be released on July 9!

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ALBUM REVIEW: White Magician – Dealers In Divinity

Consisting entirely of musicians from the eccentric Demon Bitch with equally esoteric pseudonyms, Detroit’s White Magician settles firmly into the world of heavy Occult Rock on their first full-length album. “The Agents Of Fortune”-esque cover art is enough to indicate that any comparisons to Blue Öyster Cult are likely intentional; the band exercises a similarly freerolling attitude with an ominous undercurrent. But while Dealers Of Divinity (Cruz Del Sur Music) gambles on a well-trod formula, the group seems to have a couple of aces up their sleeves.

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ALBUM REVIEW: SpellBook – Magic and Mischief

After releasing two albums and an EP under the Witch Hazel moniker, the York, Pennsylvania quartet has rebranded as SpellBook. Their first album under this new moniker, Magic & Mischief (Cruz Del Sur Music), doesn’t deviate too far from their established Occult Rock style. There are a multitude of Seventies Rock grooves fitted with a slight Doom crunch that is quick to recall their contemporaries in groups like Lucifer, Demon Eye, and Icarus Witch.

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Sanhedrin Drop New Single “Blood From A Stone”, New Album Incoming

New York City’s Trad Metal revivalists Sanhedrin, touting members formerly of Black Anvil and Amber Asylum/Lost Goat, are releasing a new album next month. Due out on February 22nd, The Poisoner is coming via Cruz Del Sur Music. They already released one single on Bandcamp, ‘Meditation’, and now you can hear the pure rock fiyah of ‘Blood From A Stone’!Continue reading

Album Stream: Hammer King – Kingdom of the Hammer King

Hammer King 1

Epic power metallers Hammer King is streaming their entire new album Kingdom of the Hammer King, out now via Cruz Del Sur Music below. The band has a few upcoming live gigs posted below.

Jul 03: Rockfire Festival – Berka, Festwiese
Jul 04: Rock im Wingert – Bad Dürkheim, Stadion Trift
Oct 16: Kaiserslautern, JUZ
Oct 17: MetalHeads Germany Festival – Alzey, JuKu
Nov 14: Metalheads vs. Hunger – Berlin, K17
Dec 06: Bühl, Kneiple

Kingdom Of The Hammer King was recorded and produced at the Greywolf Studios by Powerwolf’s own Charles Greywolf. The cover artwork was created by German Artist Timo Würz who was able to capture with his art the essence and power of the band. The LP version will include a bonus track “Leather Indians (of Steel).”

I) Kingdom of the Hammer King
I am the King
Aderlass; The Blood of Sacrifice
Chancellor of Glory
II) I am the Hammer King
Blood Angels
Visions of A Healed World
Figure in The Black
We Are The Hammer
III) Glory to the Hammer King

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Dark Quarterer Releasing Vinyl Edition Of Ithaca In September

dark quarterer

Dark Quarterer is issuing a vinyl release of their new album Ithaca in September via Cruz Del Sur Music, which was issued on CD on April 25, 2015 via Metal on Metal Records.

Ithaca is a concept album inspired by the 1911’s poem of the same title by a Greek poet, Konstantinos P. Kavafis (Constantine P. Cavafy), who used Odysseus’s travel from the Trojan Wars back to his home-island as a metaphor for the journey of life; the goal is not important, but the journey itself. Stylistically, it’s a mix of ’80s epic heavy metal with ’70s progressive rock, and some elements of doom.

dark quarterer ithaca

01: The Path of Life
02: Night Song
03: Mind Torture
04: Escape
05: Nostalgia
06: Rage of Gods
07: Last Fight
08: Peace
09: War Tears (live)*
10: Deep Wake (live) *

*Vinyl-only bonus track

Audio: Anal Vomit: Savage Fornication + Obsessive Sexual Slaughter

anal vomit

Peruvian extreme metaller Anal Vomit is streaming “Savage Fornication” and “Obsessive Sexual Slaughter,” off of their album Peste Negra, Muetra Negra, out now via Gates of Hell Records/Cruz Del Sur Music.

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Anal Vomit Streaming “Obsessive Sexual Slaughter”

anal vomit

Peruvian extremists Anal Vomit is streaming “Obsessive Sexual Slaughter,” off of their upcoming album Peste Negra, Muetra Negra,out May 5, 2015 in North America via Gates of Hell Records/Cruz Del Sur Music below.

Influenced by old thrash metal and by legendary acts such as Sarcofago, Holocausto, Sextrash, Vulcao and Possessed, these Peruvian tyrants play blackened old school death/thrash the way it was meant to be. And take you back to a time when Death metal was not about gore, but about Satan, leather, spikes and Hell.

anal vomit peste negra

Brebaje de Muerte
Valle De Tinieblas
Obsessive Sexual Slaughter
La Muerte del Papa (Interludio)
Dios Muerto
Venganza Obscura
A Savage Fornication
Estado Comatoso
Pact to Kill (Outro)

*LP-only bonus track

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Sacral Rage Streaming “A Tyrannous Revolt” Music Video

sacral rage

Greek metallers Sacral Rage is streaming their official video for “A Tyrannous Revolt,” off their new album Illusions in Infinite Void, out now via Cruz Del Sur Music below.

Illusions in Infinite Void is a monumental piece of Metal from start to finish. Indeed it’s an ever-changing Metal vortex with countless rhythmic-changes and no weak moments, a tense state of aggression in which singer Dimitri‘s excellent performance and the textured guitar lines stand out. The band plays U.S. style metal with some European influences.

Stream the lyric video for “Lost Chapter E: Sutratma” and “En Cima Del Mal” below.

1. Harbinger
2. En Cima Del Mal
3. Lost Chapter E.: Sutratma
4. Panic in Urals (Burning Skies)
5. Waltz in Madness
6. Into Mental East
7. Inner Sanctum Asylum
8. A Tyrannous Revolt
9. Lost Chapter E.: Amarna’s Reign

Vaggelis F. – Drums
Marios P. – Guitar
Spyros S. – Bass
Dimitris K. – Vocals