Hundred Suns – The Prestaliis

Since 2013, these driven musicians have been determined to create something genuinely different, something that can stand out amongst every other “competing” track you might come across in the music industry and Hundred SunsThe Prestaliis (New Damage) has undeniable potential. The brand new three-piece consists of warmly familiar faces from bands Norma Jean, Dead and Divine and Every Time I Die. You’ve got Cory Brandan on vocals, Chris LeMasters on guitar and Ryan Leger on the drums – a concoction of highly skilled musicians. Continue reading

While She Sleeps – You Are We

It’s nigh on impossible to put a finger on quite why While She Sleeps’ sophomore effort Brainwashed (Search and Destroy) didn’t explode. Everything was in place. It was, as we at Ghost Cult opined at the time, the right album at the right time from the right band. And yet, while it undoubtedly moved them forwards, the smashing of the glass ceiling never happened. Whether that shattering and reaching of new heights is being reserved for You Are We (Sleeps Brothers / crowd-funded) time will tell, Continue reading