Metal Artists Reflect on The Late Tony Costanza, GoFundMe Launched

As we reported yesterday, drummer Tony Costanza, the original drummer of Machine Head, as well as stints in Crowbar and Crisis and others, died yesterday at age 52. Friends from other bands and many peers of Tony took to social media to share their grief, but also stories about Tony, his talent and how great a person and friend he was. Read the following from Robb Flynn, Chris Kontos, Crowbar, members of Crisis, and more. Also, please contribute what you can to the GoFundMe set up for Tony. Continue reading

Machine Head Co-Founder and Drummer Tony Costanza, Dead at Age 52

Sad news as Machine Head co-founding drummer Tony Costanza has died. He was 52 years old. Costanza’s passing was confirmed by his former CRISIS bandmate Afzaal Nasiruddeen, who wrote in a Facebook post: “It is with a very heavy heart that I have to accept and inform everyone concerned that I lost my brother, band mate, home boy and family today.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of the Witches – Covenant

What is a witch? What is her purpose? And more importantly, what makes her a witch? These
are the very questions Karyn Crisis (Crisis) has spent many years trying to answer during her spiritual journey and work as a psychic medium. Blessed with the gift of clairvoyance, Karyn, has always felt connected to the spiritual world. But it was when while working in Tuscany; she first saw the appearance of Aradia, an ancient witch who had taught her about healing, the witches of Tuscany, and the medicine women throughout rural Italy. It was at that moment that Karyn learned about her past life and lineage as a healer and began her journey to uncover the truth about Italy’s witches. It was also the moment that inspired Karyn to get back into music and form Gospel of the Witches. Today, they share that journey with us on their sophomore album, Covenant (Aural Music).
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Karyn Crisis Readies New Book, Plans Signing Events

Gospel of the Witches, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Karyn Crisis is a name synonymous with brilliant artistry, be it music, visual arts, poetry, clothing, or really any endeavors she has set out to tackle in her 25 years+ career. Known as much for her musical output with Crisis, Ephel Duath, and The Gospel Of The Witches, she is now bringing her new book Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women: Volume 1 to the masses. Get the details on pre-orders, special merchandise, and a non-traditional book tour which include performances, readings, signings and much more. Continue reading

Karyn Crisis’ The Gospel of The Witches – Salem’s Wounds

karyn crisis gospel of the witches salems wounds

After speaking with Karyn Crisis back in April, regarding the beginnings of lifting this very special project of hers off the ground, it’s a beautiful thing to see it fully manifest into this unique occult masterpiece. From the countless hours spent, hand writing cards, creating original art work and hand crafted, bark and moss covered lyric books to thank her financial supporters, the dedication to this creative calling has been crafted into a powerful ghostly presence; an ode to the Tuscan Witch who brought her on this journey. Accompanying her are husband Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath,) guitarist and collaborator, Bob Vigna (guitar) and Ross Dolan (bass/backup vocals) from Immolation, Mike Hill of Tombs on vocals, Larry Burns (sounds) and Charlie Schmid (Vaura) on drums. Out on Century Media Records Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The WitchesSalem’s Wounds is set to be released March 24th, 2015.


Influenced by the elements and their omnipresence, ‘Omphalos’ approaches symbolic power in a haunting cry to the earth, seeping into the soil like to remain hidden or emerge as flame to ignite, spreading like wild fire to consume all things. “I am no one, I am nothing, I am nowhere. I am everything, I am everywhere, I am everyone,” she chants.

Back to back, tracks ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ weave the origins of the gospel of the witches together.

From a word which carries such nurturing and love, ‘Mother’ is our primordial creatrix. The goddess of the moon, Diana, is transformed into a sacrificial display of of gorgeous atmospherics and powerful growls, chased with layers of death choir backing vocals. ‘Father,’ a plea to Lucifer, god of light, emanates much brighter with it’s atmospherics, tones shimmering off of distant drum skins that hold an even tempo throughout, without lacking accession or climax, maintaining accretion of identity.

Pillars’ pulls apart the turmoil and blessings that bind us to our physical form, finding comfort in post-apocalyptic ruin. Angelic vocals battle those of conflict, which Tiso and Vigna’s guitar work weave through nicely to form my favourite track on the album.

Ending the ceremony with ‘The Ascent,’ slowly summiting into a luminous vortex of evocative melody and progressive guitar work. I’m sort of unsettled by the break near the end and feel like the ‘pitter patter of little feet’ sound effect sort of took away from the momentum and power this album held for me throughout but I suppose a little deviousness and trickery is called for from the witches. Salem’s Wounds succeeds summoning a voice, conveying the history behind paganism as well as Karyn’s own personal journey within, to discover her own gifts and allow her spirits to guide her, even when they may have had different plans.