Cripper Premiere Two Tracks From “Follow Me: Kill!”

Ever since their debut album, Cripper has shifted from rather technical thrash towards a unique approach to extreme metal. Cripper‘s new album, Follow Me: Kill!, continues that evolution, and promises fans “ten ass-kicking tracks, at times lightning fast, at other times atmospheric or epic, but never standard fare.Continue reading

CRIPPER on Ditching being a DIY band to sign for a big label

Cripper_Promopics_Hyena_band_005 by Steffen Flugel

In Part 2 of our Cripper feature, Christian and Gerrit talk to Ghost Cult about how they left the world of DIY and pitched in with one of the world’s biggest metal labels, Metal Blade, for the release of their new album Hyena

You’ve just signed to Metal Blade – how did that come about and how does it feel to be on such a big label?

Gerrit: At this point? Very good! We were comfortable with Metal Blade right from the start. We’re pretty lucky to have such a renowned and strong partner for our album and hopefully the following ones. They took notice of us at the Metaldays festival in 2013 and sent an e-mail afterwards. First we were thinking someone is kidding us. Then we realized that this is the “real” Metal Blade company and that they are seriously interested.

Cripper put out their last 3 records out through SAOL (Service for Artist Owned Labels). They provide promotion and distribution, two things you cannot do yourself beyond a certain extent, so signing to Metal Blade doesn’t make that much of a difference in that business area anyway. To help us bring Cripper to a next level, we think Metal Blade is a real good partner for us.

We bust our asses for Cripper, and there will never be a way around it. Artistically, every little thing is still in our hands, no compromise. Metal Blade is a good label for us and I hope we can reach more people out there with their help, travel farther and make new experiences.


Around the time you released The Antagonist you were saying in interviews that you weren’t looking for a label. What changed?

Christian: During the time we released Antagonist we were working together with our partners CMM marketing and SAOL. That was in 2012 and it felt good for us and our partners. For this time we were interested in having feedback on Cripper’s possibilities out there. Maybe there is an international market where to place our stuff and reach an even bigger crowd – who knows?

When Cripper played the 70.000 Tons Of Metal in 2011 and 2014 there were an international audience that was really interested in getting Cripper’s stuff. Unfortunately there was no chance to get your hands on our music because there were no stores in North or South America that sell the CDs. Some of the fans asked for albums and shirts by ordering in our webshop. We thought it would be great to give these guys the chance to buy our stuff.

How has signing to Metal Blade changed day to day life in the band?
Gerrit: Having signed the deal doesn’t change much of the processes within the band. I know Cripper right from their beginning in 2005 as an extremely disciplined and hard-working band. So in my perception there was not such a big change. Well, all the things around creating the artwork, all the filming for the 45-minutes Live-DVD, all the music videos, trailers and Making-Ofs were created by ourselves.

But the point is that we all didn’t want Metal Blade being disappointed in Cripper. They came with deadlines and we all had to hustle fulfilling plans. So we all did our best! It’s a great pleasure to have Metal Blade on our side. It’s really great that they spread the Cripper stuff around the world, haha!

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Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014:- Part I: Live at The Effenaar, Eindhoven, NL

Triptykon 04

In the dark days of December, the end of the year is approaching for us all. When families are getting siked up for Christmas and new years eve. Us Metalheads were looking forward to a weekend full of awesomely brutally bands. Metal and Eindhoven go together as the nice juicy cherry on a chocolate cake.Continue reading

CRIPPER talk new album ‘Hyena’

Cripper_Promopics_Hyena_band_017 by Alina Omerbasic

In the first of three features on their new album, guitarist Christian Bröhenhorst and bassist Gerrit Mohrmann talked to Ghost Cult about their band Cripper and the release of their fourth album Hyëna (Metal Blade – our review here)

You’ve just released your new album, Hyëna. How does it compare to your previous records?
Christian: I think it’s quite normal that the sound of a band evolves over time. It’s influenced by a few things – one important point is, that we all could increase our experiences in the studio and recording situation with every release. Another important factor is time; the time you have for the recordings and for mixing and finding the sound for our album. During the songwriting process came the idea for Hyëna‘s sound. We wanted the sound of Hyëna more compact and heavy. The idea was to create a sound that is solid and massive in a natural way, but transparent at the same time. We planned a recording session in the Kohlekeller Studios already in Nov. 2013. We decided to record four tracks as a sound demo, so to speak. The whole band was there so we had the chance to find the sound that we like and had in our minds for the whole album.

What’s the meaning behind the title of the album?

Gerrit: The title idea is not entirely new, Cripper came up with it even before they released Antagonist. Hyenas are somehow the thrash metallers among the predators. Mangy, imposing and stark, but not as elegant and sublime as lions and co. As a motto for a metal album, an aggressive hyena with very impressive teeth just fits very well. The album as a whole is very heavy and there are many serious, punchy riffs. This was decisive for the gloomy atmosphere in the whole artwork.


Are you happy with how the fans & critics have responded to the new album?
Christian: Most journalists give really positive reaction on the new output. Some of them are totally impressed which makes us feel proud because the working process was a long way to go for us. So many fans give us overwhelming feedback, sending out emails and postings they are so happy with the new songs. This is what makes us feel even better than havin’ a magazine’s positive review in hands.

Thanks to all the people givin’ us their support. You fuckin’ rule!

What’s Cripper’s songwriting process like?

Gerrit: Hm, first of all I think Cripper is a quite normal metal band when it comes to the writing process. Most of our songs start with riff ideas from Christian and Jonathan (Stenger – guitars). The first step is to play these ideas all together in our rehearsal room. Over time there comes a vision of a song and an attitude of the song. Then it starts from the beginning. Sometimes there are lengthy discussions about the riffs and the song structures. That is quite common for Cripper. A Cripper song is completed when all of us have a good feeling with the material.

For Hyëna in some cases we changed the way of getting started with new songs. We often tried to create an atmosphere and a flow of the new song first, before we went on with riffs. This way of writing songs was new for Cripper. It was an exciting experience for us and not always easy.


Modern Thrash band CRIPPER talk about next years’ 10th Anniversary!

Cripper_Promopics_Hyena_band_018_b by Alina Omerbasic

Not only do German Thrashers Cripper have a hot new album out in the shape of Hyëna (Metal Blade – read our review here) they also have their tenth anniversary coming up next year! Guitarist Christian Bröhenhorst and bassist Gerrit Mohrmann talked to Ghost Cult about what being in Cripper has been all about for the last decade

Christian: There were so much high points within the last 10 years for us. Back when we started we hadn’t thought too much about growing bigger, climbing up stages on big events or so on. There was one big goal for and that was writing and playing songs. When we took the next step, playing live, that felt so good we just never stopped, haha! Our next goal was doing an album, booking a small tour that leads the band to other cities and new ground.

Take a look at the cover of our vinyl EP! This collage of thousands of old pictures takes you through the band’s history and funny moments. It comes exclusively in limited fan box set of Hyëna (Metal Blade) and to us it’s like taking a trip in a time machine. So many moments that we shared within the band, past members, friends and other bands; pretty cool, pretty old school, haha!

How do you feel you’ve changed since the band started?
Christian: It’s all about doing songs and playing live since the very beginning. In this case, the band doesn’t change too much. But today there is more business around for sure.

Nevertheless, we’re fans, lovin’ music, hittin’ the road and havin’ a good time on stage and while creativity processes. (It) feels very cool to know some guys out there who listen to our stuff and being interested in what we are coming up with. No doubt, this group grows up and it got bigger in comparison to the band’s starting point. We have a different bass player and havin’ a father within the band, that’s all that changed, haha! To be honest we’re still a DIY group, takin’ care of the songwriting process, figuring out arrangements, working on certain songs over months, doin’ artwork, album’s layout and merchandise design, running the band’s websites and our web store by our own.

We like to pull the strings on what we care so much. The band plays a big role and takes a big part in the life of every single band member.


What would you like to achieve over the next ten years which you didn’t in the first?
Christian: Well, maybe there will be a tour or at least some single shows that take us to a continent we haven’t been so far. It would be great showing our material to a crowd far away and being on the road in countries and cultures that are totally different to our home.

What are your plans for the future?

Gerrit: There are a few shows left this year. On the upcoming weekend we will play the Eindhoven Metal Meeting and the following day the Iron Steel Fest II in Belgium. Then we have a our last show this year on New Years Eve. For 2015, well, let’s see what the future brings.

Right now we are planning 2015. Some festival shows are already confirmed, such as RockHarz 2015. With our Label Metal Blade we have a very good partner to spread our Cripper stuff around the world, and then let’s see what happens.

And check out for more live dates.

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Cripper – Hyena



For most bands plugging away on the toilet circuit, their hard work, determination and desire to succeed will inevitably lead to a job at McDonalds. So when a band does get noticed by a major label after slogging their arses off for years on end, it’s something we should all be thankful for. One such act is German thrashers Cripper who have been picked up by Metal Blade for the release of fourth album Hyena after a series of impressive sets at European festivals.

The first word that springs to mind upon hitting play on the title track, which opens the album is “workmanlike.” While this may initially appear to be a thinly veiled criticism, the more the album progresses you begin to realise the accuracy of this first impression for Cripper are without doubt a thoroughly professional band that quite simply gets shit done.

Rooted in thrash but refreshingly free of the gimmicks that characterised Municipal Waste and their legion of imitators a few years back, Cripper play hard, fast and with a precision that will be the envy of many. The biting riffs of ‘7”’ and the infectious pummelling of ‘Tourniquet’ recall the likes of Kreator in their prime, while the refined chugging of ‘Animated Flesh’ is the kind of sublime modern metal that Lamb of God usually do so well.

Aided by a no-nonsense, solid production that renders each instrument crystal clear and with special mention for a particularly emphatic performance behind the mike by Britta Görtz, all the ingredients are present for a wholly satisfying, no-frills metal meat feast. Repeated listens reveal a plethora of variety and headbang-inducing hooks and the album art features a pissed off looking animal. What more could you want? Cripper are proof that persistence can pay off and whoever signed them is owed several beers.


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Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014 Preview


Eindhoven Metal Meeting a festival in the “burgundy south” of the Netherlands. Here the weathergods do not tell when it becomes winter, no, it is only winter when EMM is over. EMM, a.k.a. the Eindhoven Metal Meeting is a very established festival that celebrates in an extreme way. They don’t call themselves an extreme metal festival, but I guess 75% of the bands that will play at the 2014 edition you can definitely describe as Extreme Metal bands. Get your warpaint on, search for your battlejacket and dust off your army boots, EMM is not for the weak. Continue reading

Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014 Adds More Bands

EMM Banner August 2014


Asphyx, Carach Angren, Cripper, and Funeral Whore are the latest bands to have been confirmed for Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014 (#EMM14) this December. Get your tickets now!


The show takes place December 12th and 13th, returning again to Effenar in Eindhoven, NL.


These new bands join a venerable cast of Death metals greatest names such as the resurrected At The Gates, Morbid Angel, Triptykon, Ensiferum, Primordial, Aborted, Exhumed, and many, many more. All in all 34 bands will jam on two stages over the weekend which will again end the year with a bang! Regular combitickets can be bought through EMM’s official website. Daytickets will be available at a later date.


Ghost Cult Magazine is proud to announce that once again, we will be serve as a media partner for this fine festival. We will bring you more news and eventual coverage of the fest as it happens.

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The Full Roster of bands so far…





At The Gates








Carach Angren








Evil Invaders




Funeral Whore


Holy Moses

Morbid Angel


Morbus Chron


One Tail, One Head




















The Vision Bleak





Official Website

Eindhoven Metal Meeting on Facebook

Eindhoven Metal Meeting Facebook Event Page