ALBUM REVIEW: Ellefson – No Cover

Cover songs can be tricky. A balancing act that often results in calamity. Lean too far one way and be accused of musical blasphemy; keep things too safe and be reliably informed you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. So with that in mind, surely an album consisting entirely of cover versions is just asking for trouble, isn’t it? Continue reading

Mantar to Release Covers Album, Shares Video for Mazzy Star Cover

Germany’s two-piece blackened crust band Mantar has announced that they are releasing a mini-covers album focusing on the 1990s, Grungetown Hooligans II, June 26th on LP/Digital via Brutal Panda Records and can be pre-ordered at the link below. Also, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mazzy Star’s release of their seminal debut album, Mantar have shared a music video for their cover of ‘Ghost Highway’, which you can see below. 

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Shooter Jennings Shares that Marilyn Manson’s New Album is “Finished” and a “Masterpiece”

Outlaw Country star and producer extroidnere Shooter Jennings has shared with social media that Marilyn Manson has completed work on his highly anticipated new studio album. Jennings, who took to his Instagram to say that the follow-up to 2017’s “Heaven Upside Down” “finished,” also calling it a “masterpiece.” Manson replied to Shooter’s post, writing in the comments “Finished masterpiece album” and “Shit is gonna get real.” Manson and Jennings previously teamed up in 2016 to record a cover version of “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)” for Jennings’s “Countach (For Giorgio)” LP, a covers collection featuring songs by electronic-music pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Manson’s guitarist/bassist Paul Wiley (Deveraux/Razor Candy) and drummer, Brandon Pertzborn (Black Flag, Doyle, Ho99o9) round out the lineup on the album. Ghost Cult previously theorized that since Manson’s last two stand-alone singles are covers, the entire album will be made up of covers and reimagined classics, which would explain Manson’s prior quote about not being able to compare his new record to his past work. Continue reading

My Ruin Releases Covers Album, New Video for “My Way”

Returning from an extended self-imposed hiatus, My Ruin celebrated Valentine’s Day by releasing a new covers album Rock Love & Red Lipstick. Released as a free download on Bandcamp, the covers range from Black Flag, PJ Harvey, Eric B and Rakim, KISS, Plasmatics, Van Halen, AC/DC, Soft Cell, Frank Sinatra, and many more. My Ruin went on hiatus when it’s main conspirators Tairrie B (Manhole, Tura Satana), and Mick Murphy (Heavy Seventies, Chevy Metal, Teenage Timekillers) moved from Los Angeles to Nashville. My Ruin’s last release was 2012’s The Sacred Mood. Tairrie has been busy of late releasing her out of print albums with other bands to Bandcamp, writing her highly-anticipated memoirs, and pursuing future musical projects, photography and video directing. Watch the Tairrie directed video for their cover of ‘My Way’.

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Robb Flynn Has Written Seven New Machine Head Songs, Including One with Logan Mader

In a new social media post listing off 2019’s “little accomplishments” for 2019 in a year-end social media post, Robb Flynn revealed that he has seven new songs written for a future series of standalone singles by Machine Head. In addition in a recent episode of Flynn’s “No Fuckign Regrets Podcast with Robb Flynn,” he revealed one of the new songs was written with Logan Mader, the first by the two since the sessions for The More Things Change (Roadrunner) in 1996. Mader and Flynn have reunited with Chris Kontos for the Burn My Eyes 25 World Tour. Flynn has also recorded a solo album of covers that will release under the moniker of Robb Flynn & Friends. Machine Head’s recent single ‘Do Or Die’ was a controversial diss track that has been interpreted as a dig at detractors from the bands’ last album Catharsis (Nuclear Blast). Continue reading

Callejon – Hartgeld Im Club

Well, I can’t think of a better way to open a new year of music than with a review of German Metalcore band covering Rap songs. That band is Callejon and the album is called Hartgeld Im Club (Century Media) and this could easily go down as one of the most polarizing releases of the year. Continue reading

Lamb Of God To Release Covers Album Under Original Name Burn The Priest

Lamb of God made the announcement they have been teasing all week in social media. They will release a covers album to celebrate 20 years as a band under their original moniker, Burn The Priest. Legion: XX is due for release on May 18th via Epic Records. The album will feature covers from favorites by the band including Stormtroopers Of Death, Bad Brains, Ministry, Agnostic Front, Quicksand and Cro-Mags. Check out the first single below, ‘Inherit The Earth’ by The Accused. Continue reading

Tarja Debuts New Video – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Holiday Album Due Next Month

International symphonic metal sensation Tarja is no stranger to cover songs and albums. She is not releasing a holiday album, Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas), due out on November 17th from earMUSIC. Watch the video from her first single – ‘ O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ below. Continue reading

Various Artists – Meantime Redux


Helmet will go down as one of the greatest and most influential bands ever. This fact is undisputed. Coming out of new York City at a time when a generation of bands bred on New York Hardcore values married to the talent of thrash bands (with some general avant-garde weirdness for good measure), Helmet stood out like a sore thumb of weirdness. Continue reading

Prong – Songs from the Black Hole


I’ve never really taken to Prong, strange though it seems. Energetic and bruising, they nevertheless come across a tad light-heartedly for me, and that’s sometimes the case with latest album Songs from the Black Hole (SPV GmbH).

A set of lesser-known Punk covers, the opening draft of Discharge‘s ‘Doomsday’ rips up trees with its pace and ferocity; Tommy Victor‘s acidic growl and rapid bursts of leadplay enlivening a great start. It’s on the ensuing ‘Vision Thing’, however, a gothic classic given a Blink182-meets-Desert feel,  that the irritation begins: the largely laconic vocal blunting a subtle yet driving riff, turning the track into that awful ‘Nu-Punk’ stuff that blighted metal in the 90s. No doubt the band are trying to retain the feel of the originals while slapping on their own slant, but that cheapens the sound in some areas; the chopping bullet riff of the Butthole Surfers‘ ‘Goofy’s Concern’ diluted by that throwaway, almost disinterested vocal. The Adolescents‘ ‘Kids of the Black Hole’, though, is given a crucial kick by a more urgent, sputtered delivery, some pinpoint pace changes and a real snarling attitude with riffs and lead pulsing viciously together culminating in a brooding atmosphere enhanced by a rumbling bass.

As well as questioning the need for a band of Prong’s stature to produce such an album, it’s the lack of substance, immediacy, a paucity of real feeling and belief which ultimately disappoints despite the occasionally feisty rampage such as the version of Black Flag‘s ‘Bars’. If only the emotive, baiting ‘Seeing Red’ with its staccato riff, pounding drums and true Killing Joke evocations was the norm rather than the exception, this would be a joyous reworking of understated favourites. Even the catchy, driving riff of Fugazi‘s ‘Give Me the Cure’ seems to miss an edge, a vitality that only appears in the angered chorus.

There’s no doubting the “fun” aspect, nor the quality of the musicianship, but overall this could be a really decent pub band working through a hard-edged set. If Prong want to prove their relevance, this isn’t the trick to do it. Go and stream the originals, kids.



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