EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch Atonement Denied Cover Trivium Classic – “Like Light to the Flies”

From the frozen tundra of Alaska, comes badass metallers Atonement Denied! The band has just dropped a faithful and impressive cover of Trivium’s first major hit, “Like Light to the Flies,” along with a killer video. Voted one of the Top Original Alaskan Bands by the Anchorage Press, the track highlights the bands’ innate technical abilities, heaviness, and also a penchant for melodies. Watch the clip exclusively at Ghost Cult, right now!

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Daughtry Pays Tribute to Chris Cornell with a Cover of “Hunger Strike” ft. LaJon Witherspoon

Rocker Daughtry has shared a new cover of Temple of the Dog’s 1990s classic song “Hunger Strike” as a tribute to Chris Cornell, who died four years ago. The track features LaJon Witherspoon of Sevendust on co-lead vocals, in the role Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam had on the original track. Check out the track with a cool visualizer below.

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High Reeper Share Pentagram Cover – “Hurricane”- Debut Album Reissue Incoming

Stoner Doom band High Reeper will see the re-release of High Reeper‘s self-titled debut album this January 11th, via Heavy Psych Sounds! Ther release will feature brand new artwork and two bonus tracks including a cover of Pentagram’s “Hurricane,” which you can hear right now, via The Obelisk!Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Gears Get “Bored” with New Deftones Cover

Miami, Florida rockers Gears and Ghost Cult have teamed up to bring you their new music video, for their cover of Deftones debut album classic “Bored”. While it’s would be challenging for anyone to cover a track from an iconic band and their lauded opus Adrenaline (Maverick), Gears tackles the track with their typical attitude and puts their own subtle spin on the tune. Inspired by ascites as diverse as Prince and David Bowie, and heavy bands, the group has All That Remains, Upon a Burning Body, Seasons After, Bridge to Grace, The Bunny The Bear, and many others and toured on their own, as well. Check out the moody performance clip of the band right now!

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Watch Jordan Rudess Celebrate America with “The Star-Spangled Banner”

To celebrate Independence Day today, Dream Theater keyboardist and progressive music genius Jordan Rudess has shared an instrumental cover of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” The United States National Anthem. Rudess recently launched a Patreon you can follow here.Continue reading

Game of Thrones, The Most Metal Show Ever, Returns Tonight

L to R: Kristofer Hivju (Tormund – cast), Ben Crompton (Edd Dolorous – cast), Brann Dailor (Mastodon drums/vocals), Brent Hinds (Mastodon guitars/vocals), Kit Harington (Jon Snow – cast)
Photo credit: Helen Sloan/ HBO

Surely there will be another sci-fi fantasy show quite as great as Game of Thrones. The phenomenal series begins its final six episodes ever tonight on HBO. Not only was the show an epic experience e to watch no matter who ends up on the Iron Throne (or no throne at all), it is clearly the most metal show ever. In addition to the story and the amazing soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi, the show has battle, dragons, magic, zombies (White Walkers), Viking-like Northmen, witchcraft, and wildfire, and direwolves. But also the show has inspired metal covers and tribute songs, bands inspired by the show, a live concert experience based on the music for the show starring metal artists, music in the show and trailers from heavy bands, the actor that played the beloved Hodor character can shred to Megadeth, and even appearances by our favorite dudes in Mastodon in the army of the frozen undead (several times). Get pumped with a new Spotify playlist with a lot of rock and metal bands, and these covers below and happy watching!Continue reading