Nergal’s (Behemoth) Me And That Man Shares New Video, Album and Record Release Show Details

Me And That Man, the Satanic roots music project from Behemoth frontman Adam Nergal Darski has dropped a new video and single for the track ‘Surrender’! The song comes from their upcoming second album New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol.1, on March 27, 2020. The record release will be celebrated with a special record release show in London on the same day, including special guests from the album. Pre-orders are live at the link below. Watch the clip now!

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Stone Sour Shares a New Demo Version of “Blue Study” From Their Debut Album

Stone Sour’s Josh Rand has curated another unreleased demo from the first album from the band (2002), formed originally in the 1990s by Josh and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. In a post accompanying the YouTube release of the ‘Blue Study’ demo, Rand wrote: “‘Blue Study’ was one of four songs written in 1997 but not recorded until 2000 during a break in the Slipknot. schedule. Three of those four songs made it onto the self-titled album and ‘Come What(ever) May’.” Continue reading

Stone Sour Shares “Get Inside – Demo Sessions” Track

Stone Sour has kicked off 2020 with a new track, a demo version of their very first track on their debut album, ‘Get Inside’. In an upload to YouTube and corresponding post, guitarist Josh Rand described the first Stone Sour songs as “songs that he (Corey Taylor) had written outside of Slipknot, and songs that I had recorded at home on a 4 track. After we listened to all of the tracks, we decided that we needed to record these songs at SR Studios in Des Moines during his time off from touring.”. The band originally was formed in 1992 and lasted until Corey Taylor quit in 1997 to join Slipknot. The band reformed in 2000 and would go on to release the debut s/t album via Roadrunner Records in 2002, which included ‘Get Inside’ and the hit song ‘Bother’ from the original Sam Raimi-directed Spiderman soundtrack. Continue reading

Ghost Cult’s Top 10 News Stories of 2019

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Parts of Former Slipknot Percussionist Chris Fehn’s Lawsuit Over Band Profits Gets Dismissed

Slipknot, by Evil Robb Photography

Yesterday ( Tuesday (November 26) former Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn’s lawyers were in court as they continue to pursue legal action against the band, Corey Taylor and M. Shawn Crahan, and their business manager Robert Shore. According to a published report by MetalSucks, former Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn’s individual claim against his former band’s business manager Robert Shore is likely to be dismissed in a New York court on. As per an indication by the judge for the case Shore is likely no longer going to be named as an individual in Fehn’s lawsuit, after Justice Melissa Anne Crane found that there wasn’t sufficient evidence tying him directly as a fiduciary to Fehn to warrant the individual claim. However, Fehn’s claim against Shore’s music business management company, Rob Shore & Associates, has been allowed to proceed for now. This past September, Slipknot members Corey Taylor and Michael Shawn Crahan (a.k.a. Clown) filed motions for dismissal from Fehn’s claims, insisting they have no ties to New York, where Fehn filed the case. They claim none of their contracts were executed in the state nor were any of their albums recorded in New York. Those claims are set to be heard on January 3, 2020. Continue reading