INTERVIEW: Part II with Arjen Lucassen on Ayreon, Rock Operas, Vin Diesel, and Star Trek

Ghost Cult scribe Lorraine Lysen caught up with the great Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon for a wide-ranging interview a few months ago. They chatted about The Electric Castle Live project, the visuals of Ayreon Universe live, working with John de Lancie, rock operas, concept albums, Vin Diesel, Star Trek TNG, upcoming new music, and much more.
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Dumb And Dumbest Podcast Streams Episode 51

Picking up where the last episode left off, Episode 51 of the Dumb and Dumbest Podcast: Threatin Part The Second is streaming right now, hosted by music executive Matt Bacon (Dropout Media, Ripple Music, Prophecy Productions) and Publicist Curtis Dewar (Dewar PR). The guys explore brand new developments about the case of Threatin, and the possible reasoning behind how this happened and how deep the rabbit hole goes. Continue reading