Paradise Lost – Symphony For The Lost


Set against a stunning and wholly appropriate backdrop of the genuine Ancient Roman Amphitheatre of Philippopolis in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Symphony For The Lost (Century Media), a double CD and DVD package, is a culmination of a seed germinated and cultivated over a decade before being actualized in a unique and special moment for a band that has made a genuine and lasting impact on European metal and beyond, as Halifax’ finest, Paradise Lost, achieve a long-held ambition of performing with a full orchestra (the Plovdiv Philharmonic) and the Rodna Pesen choir.

Split into two halves, the first set is the band performing a selection of tracks specifically chosen due to their natural allegiance to classical music – accompanied by the full orchestra and choir – beautifully scored by Levon Manukyan, known for classically reworking Marilyn Manson and Judas Priest along with collaborating with Tarja Turunen.

While Paradise Lost’s music does lend itself to the swells, crescendos and additional trimmings expertly and subtly applied by Manukyan, containing a lot of space, it is particularly pleasing how compatible the partners in this marriage are. While Metallica’s S&M (Vertigo) was a spotted affair, the eight tracks of collaboration here are perfect bedfellows, with ‘Victim of the Past’ from The Plague Within (Century Media) in particular enriched by the additional melodies and strings that dance over the intro and weave into the tapestry of the song.

‘Tragic Idol’ is a classy opener, and throughout Nick Holmes is in good voice while Gregor Mackintosh’s distinctive melancholic leads intertwine with the strains and descants flowering around him, before we are treated to a jaw-dropping, mesmeric rendition of ‘Joys of Emptiness’; the iconic (sic) track truly resplendent in darkest majesty. The doom-grandeur of ‘Gothic’ is the natural conclusion to a special first half of the show.

The one nagging disappointment is that, as with exposure to any good thing, the desire is, naturally, to want more, and the second half of the set, performed sans embellishments, leaves you wishing that they had the same orchestral touches and enhancements, particularly as the backing tracks splice in synths, strings and female vocals. It’s a minor quibble, as the band polish off the latter nine tracks with style and panache.

Deliberately eschewing the option of being too dramatic or cinematic with the shooting, the direction is an understated warts-and-all that suits the band, as does Holmes dry self-deprecating between song wit. The overall release is truly completed by the brilliant Bulgarian crowd, as you can feel their love for PL, and their gratitude at witnessing something special, in their honest appreciation and participation.

Paradise Lost is one of Britain’s greatest, most distinctive and influential bands. Symphony For The Lost is a fitting addition to their career and a well-deserved achievement.




Opeth Book Show With An Orchestra In Bulgaria, Anniversary Tour Looms


Opeth who has planned several exclusive shows on two continents in 2015 celebrating 25 years as a band, has booked a special show on September 19th in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Announced via the bands’ Facebook page, the band will be joined at their performance at the Roman Theatre by the 100 piece Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra, well known for their work with major international recordings artists. The event ill be promoted by Bulgarian independent radio station Radio Tangra Mega Rock and orchestrated by conductor Levon Manukyan who is the founder of the Levon Manukyan Collegium Musicum orchestra. This appears to be a one-off performance for the Swedish progressive metal legends, who will play different career spanning sets on the upcoming tour, consisting of two sets with the band opening with Ghost Reveries (Roadrunner) in its entirety, and a second career spanning set as well. Opeth is spending this summer performing a previously announced string of festival dates, supporting last summer’s Pale Communion (Roadrunner) release.


“We’re pleased to announce that Opeth will perform at the Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria this September 19th.

Opeth will be performing an exclusive show in the magnificent Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria as part of their 25th anniversary tour. For this one-off event the band will be joined by the renowned Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra, founded nearly 70 years ago and made up of over a 100 highly qualified musicians. The orchestra has its roots in the hundred year old orchestral tradition in Plovdiv and over the years has launched the careers of many world-famous conductors.

The prestigious evening will be promoted by the Bulgarian independent radio station Radio Tangra Mega Rock and orchestrated by conductor Levon Manukyan who wrote the first metal ballet and is the founder of the Levon Manukyan Collegium Musicum orchestra. He has worked with the likes of PARADISE LOST, ASIA, FISH, TARJA TURUNEN, ANATHEMA and many others.

Get your tickets here:…/sounds-of-the-ages-2015-…/event.html?”


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We’re pleased to announce that Opeth will perform at the Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria this September 19th.Opeth…

Posted by Opeth on Wednesday, June 10, 2015



Opeth 25th Anniversary tour dates this fall:

Sept 19: Roman Theater – Plovdiv, BG
Oct 12: Admiralspalast – Berlin, DE
Oct 13: Stadthalle – Vuppertal, DE
Oct 14: Tivoli – Vredenburg, NL
Oct 15: AB – Brussels, BE
Oct 16: Capitol – Offenbach, DE
Oct 17: Letrianon – Paris, FR
Oct 18: Palladium – London, UK
Oct 22: Beacon Theater – New York, NY
Oct 24: Orpheum Theater – Los Angeles, CA
Oct 25: Orpheum Theater – Los Angeles, CA (2nd show)