News: Pathology Signs With Comatose Music


San Diego metallers Pathology will be releasing their next full length release via Comatose Music.

Drummer and founding member Dave Astor says,

“We are very happy and excited to be working with Comatose Music again! The label has always been a great supporter of the band through the years. They put out some of the heaviest underground music out there and we are glad to be back on the roster. We are currently finishing up the music and we are excited for everyone to hear the new tunes”. More updates to follow in early 2016, stay tuned!

Dysentery – Fragments

dysentery fragments

In the New England states of the US, we may have some awfully cold weathers and short lived summers but boy do we have a great local metal scene! Massachusetts’ own, Dysentery, are back with their third full length release, Fragments (Comatose Music). Everything I could have hoped for from a brutal death metal band is on this album and then some. Deep guttural vocals, guitar/bass riffs that get a little fancy but keep it heavy, and of course some lovely slam sprinkled in. The album does a great job opening with instrumental track, ‘Onset,’ and coming full circle with the same riff in the closing instrumental track, ‘Oblivion’.

The one down side for me with Fragments was trying to decide what tracks were my favorite as most of the tracks seemed to blend together. I absolutely enjoyed what I heard but most songs sounded similar outside of the instrumental tracks and a select few other tracks. One such track was ‘Veiled Narcissism’ on the latter half of the album. This track had a memorable guitar riff to me and a monstrous squeal over a breakdown towards the end of the song. The very next track, ‘Within Descending Skies They Will Suffer’, may be my favorite on the whole album with a speedy guitar lick and easily the best build up on the whole album. Then the slam hits you right in the chest and then slowly evolves back into a second guitar riff that I caught myself whistling while typing this review up. I feel there were a good amount of tracks that just seemed to sound like each other and lacked a personality. On the other hand, the songs that did stand out to me were some of the best death metal tracks I have heard.

Fragments will reach deep down inside of you, find whatever evil side you possess within, and rip it out along with your intestines. I found the best times to listen to this album is when the day at the office was absolutely dreadful and all I wanted to do was play bumper cars on the way home. Instead, Fragments just turned me into a caveman as I pretended to club the life out of my steering wheel.




Coathanger Abortion – Observations of Humanity


Coathanger Abortion, really? That’s a song title Cannibal Corpse would reject for being too stupid, but the five members of said outfit evidently felt it was just the kind of moniker to gain precious brutal scene points. Now if this was just a few kids eager to offend it would be understandable but these chumps have been around for fifteen years! What’s even more shocking is in that time they appear to have barely mastered their instruments, let alone learnt how to pen a half-decent death metal song, for sophomore release Observations of Humanity (Comatose) is one of the worst albums ever recorded.

Inexpertly combining the aggression and violent approach of Cannibal Corpse with the technicality and chunky riffs of Suffocation, yet with absolutely none of the ingenuity, skill and flair those two acts have exhibited for so long, Coathanger Abortion drag the listener through a tortuous fifty-three minute riff-salad of stolen ideas and clumsy execution that’ll have you wondering how something so utterly horrendous could ever be released by a label that wants to be taken seriously. The clear production only serves to highlight how inept proceedings are, with every out-of-time chord-change, sloppy piece of drumming or out of tune bass note standing out like naughty schoolchildren. Most contempt however is reserved for the appalling guttural vocals that sound like a parody of the Cookie Monster.

Many album reviews include hyperbolic statements along the lines of; “this record will give you bruises!” Observations of Humanity is no exception; however the bruises will be on your visage as a result of repeated facepalms, or from pulling a muscle as you frantically reach for the stop button. This is a record that makes the latest offering from Six Feet Under appear an enticing and cerebral prospect.

Hands down, the worst album to be released this year.



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Audio: Prion – Power Obsessed

Prion band photo CC

Legendary Argentine bruisers Prion is streaming “Power Obsessed,” off of their new album Uncertain Process, out June 2, 2015 via Comatose Music.

Prion - Uncertain Process CC

Power Obsessed
Uncertain Process
Chronic Disease
Now is the Hour
Control Societies
End is Near
Losing Itself in the Infinite
Doomed Humanity of Horror
Never Let Me Down Again

Audio + Music Video: Dysentery – Paranoid Division + Led to Terminal Ignorance


Boston metallers Dysentery is streaming “Paranoid Division” off of their upcoming album Fragments, out July 10, 2015 via Comatose Music here.

Stream “Led to Terminal Ignorance” below.

Fragments was engineered, mixed and mastered by Adam Rourke at the RedRoom in Waltham, MA to ensure a high quality aural clobbering. To match the musical intensity, the band enlisted Marco Hasmann (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septycal Gorge) to help bring the visual pummeling to life with the cover art.

dysentery fragments

Dysentery Fragments Track Listing
01: Onset
02: Led to Terminal Ignorance
03: Paranoid Division
04: Grave Evolution
05: Reflection of Repugnance
06: Invocation of Parallel Bloodlet
07: Neurological Snare
08: Immersed Into Misanthropic Turmoil
09: Veiled Narcissism
10: Within Descending Skies They Will Suffer
11: Voice of Deprivation
12: Divinity From the Void
13: Oblivion

Coathanger Abortion Releasing Observations of Humanity On June 2nd

coathanger abortion 2011 band picCC

Tennessee death grinders Coathanger Abortion will be releasing their new album Observations of Humanity on June 2, 2015 via Comatose Music.

Coathanger Abortion - Observations of Humanity CC

Observations of Humanity Track Listing
Suffering the Weak
Media Mindsnare
Wading Through Existence
Prescription Paradise
Coathanger Abortion
The Possession
Audra Sleeps
Forget the Past
Hypocritical Majority
Detained Indefinitely

Audio + Music Video: Incinerate – The Berserker (Rise of the Humans) + From Distant Worlds + Unable to Ascend

Incinerate band photo 01CC

Minnesota death metallers Incinerate is streaming “The Berserker (Rise of the Humans)” below and “From Distant Worlds” here, off of their new album Eradicating Terrestrial Species, out now via Comatose Music.

Stream the music video for “Unable to Ascend” below.


Prion Releasing Uncertaining Process In June 2nd

Prion band photo CC

Veteran Argentinian death metallers Prion return with their first new full length release since 2008 titled Uncertain Process, which will be out June 2, 2015 via Comatose Music. This release also comes with a bonus DVD This is How Argentina Bled, containing a full live set professionally filmed at The Roxy Live in Buenos Aires in 2013. The CD and DVD are packaged together in a double jewel case with incredible artwork by Marco Hasmann. Look out for Prion on their European Tour 2015 in September with Avulsed and Natron.

Power Obsessed
Uncertain Process
Chronic Disease
Now is the Hour
Control Societies
End is Near
Losing Itself in the Infinite
Doomed Humanity of Horror
Never Let Me Down Again

Prion - Uncertain Process CC