Gorguts- Pleiade’s Dust

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It is truly hard to believe that it has actually been around 3 years since death metal pioneers Gorguts returned to action. Still seeming like such a short time ago, but it really was back in 2013 when they ended their hiatus with the brilliantly received Colored Sands (Season Of Mist) and reminded the world how mind-bogglingly exciting and innovating they can be. Now would be the time for many to begin resting on their laurels and maybe relying on nostalgia. Or you could release a single, 33-minute track EP. Apparently this is the Gorguts way.

Following on from Colored Sands’ unpredictable and ever-changing nature, Pleiade’s Dust (Season of Mist) similarly proves as sprawling, veering from blast beat laden fury to more hypnotic atmospheric passages. Despite its frenetic nature however, rather than appearing messy and jarring, it proves a typically thoughtful composition that feels complete and still maintains enough common ground and regularity to feel warrant its duration.

Never one to choose the easy route of convention, Pleiade’s Dust once again proves a head scratching affair at first which may seem daunting, but once delved into proves captivating and, against the odds, not only understandable but essential. Very few bands can take so many directions and do so much with their music as Gorguts and still make it as wholesome, and Pleiade’s Dust is further proof as to why they were so missed.



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