Listen to Devin Townsend’s Cover of a Christmas Classic – “Silent Night”


As we previously reported, Devin Townsend will host his “A Very Devy Christmas”Live Stream special on December 23rd, and now finally has a Christmas song to share, to get you into the spirit of the season. Listen to Devy’s lovely rendition of the classic religious carol, “Silent Night.” Devy plans to record and release more holiday tracks from the sound of it! The track also marks Townsend’s very first appearance ever on Bandcamp as a solo artist.

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Tarja – From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas)

The Venn diagram of people who like symphonic metal and people who like Christmas music is most certainly not a circle, but it is statistically probable that there is some kind of overlapping area in there. Is From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) (earMUSIC) the perfect album for this niche crowd? NO. Continue reading