AC/DC’s Angus And Stevie Young Now Spotted At A Vancouver Recording Studio

In a story we have been tracking at Ghost Cult, it appears as if AC/DC are convening in Vancouver, British Columbia to work on new music. In addition to Former members Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd photographed together, now a published report shows Angus and Stevie Young have been photographed together at the same studio space the band has recorded their last three albums. Hopefully, this is the start of new AC/DC music, which has been up in the air since the death of Malcolm Young, following the release of 2014’s Rock Or Bust. Continue reading

AC/DC Members, Including Brian Johnson And Phil Rudd Appear To Be Recording Together

Much speculation has surrounded AC/DC and whether they would ever make new music together, following the death of Malcolm Young. A few days after a Canadian journalist claimed that Stevie Young and Phil Rudd were spotted in downtown Vancouver, now former singer Brian Johnson and Rudd have been photographed together at a music studio. Vancouver is like a second home to AC/DC, since they made their last three albums in that city. If this is true this would be huge news for the rock world, but it could also be for another project such as a Johnson solo album, as nothing has been confirmed. With the death of Malcolm Young, plus the departures of Johnson, Rudd, and bassist Cliff Williams now retired, fans have wondered if sole remaining founding member Angus Young would keep the band going or decide it was time for AC/DC retire.  Rudd was replaced the last few years in the band by Chris Slade, with Axl Rose stepping in for Brian Johnson. We’ll keep tracking this story here at Ghost Cult. Continue reading

AC/DC’s Phil Rudd Sentenced, For Attempted Murder And Drug Possession

Phil Rudd, photo credit: John Ford, Getty Images

Phil Rudd, photo credit: John Ford, Getty Images

Founding AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was sentenced today (Thursday June 9th) by the Tauranga District Court in New Zealand to 8 months of home detention for his charges of drug possession and threatening to kill.

Rudd was present in court for his sentencing, having already pled guilty to possession of cannabis and methamphetamine and one charge for making a threat to kill someone. He had hoped to have the charges dismissed.

Judge Thomas Ingram presided over the case, and gave Rudd a stern warning to not break his sentencing:

I stone cold guarantee that’s (jail) where you’ll end up”. “I’m not your headmaster, I’m not your father. I’m a judge.”

Rudd will serve out his sentence in is mansion for the duration the the 8 months. Arrested and charged with the drug offenses and attempting to “procure a murder” of his former personal assistant last November, Rudd has been embroiled in drama ever since. He was not officially terminated from AC/DC and has said repeatedly in the press that expects to play with them again someday, although his band mates are apparently “not talking to him”.

Chris Slade was invited back into AC/DC earlier this year and at least for the time being, is expected to remain behind the drum throne for the legendary band. AC/DC continues to tour behind 2014’s Rock Or Bust (Columbia) album and is celebrating 40+ years as a touring band in 2015.