Southeast Beast 2015 Add More Bands

southeast beast fest 2nd

Another round of bands have been announced for Southeast Beast 2015, atop of the first round of bands already confirmed. The event is happening on April 4 and 5, 2015 at Club Aqua in Jacksonville, FL. The newly announced bands include:

Better Off
Dark Sermon
Down In It
Head Creeps
Hotel Books
Kids Like Us
Like Pacific
Modern Art
Nothing Til Blood
Point Blank
Rhythm Of Fear
Secret Keeper
Speak Low If You Speak Love
Sworn Enemy
Vulgar Display

Set Your Goals Frontman Issues Statement On Band Status

set your goals

California pop punk/melodic hardcore band Set Your Goals has issued an update in regards to their status. The band had been inactive since 2012 yet no real announcement of them taking a break of any sort. Frontman Matt Wilson revealed he is working on a new project called Chains, but he addressed the current state of Set Your Goals:

I’ve gotten a ton of angry messages asking for an answer on the status of the band. The truth is, we just don’t know the future for certain and don’t want to get people’s hopes up or give any information that could end up being untrue. As a band, we are laying low for a while and busy individually with our adult lives. We haven’t “broken up” per se, we’re just focusing on other things for the time being. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

– Dan got married and will be moving to Atlanta, GA, next month.
– Joe recently moved to Portland, OR, and plays in a band called Great Collapse.
– Jordan returned to school and is pursuing film. He still needs another surgery before he can resume full use of his Achilles’ tendons again, as far as I know.
– Mike started and builds high end tables, and plays in U.S. Light Brigade and What’s Eating Gilbert.
– Audelio had a daughter named Olivia, works for Glad Rags, and plays with What’s Eating Gilbert.
– I run a record label called Calaveras Records and started a band called Chains. I also work for Snoop Dogg doing tour merchandising and production.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

Chains (Set Your Goals) Releasing Debut EP, Streaming “Cages”


Set Your Goals vocalist Matt Wilson has launched a new band called Chains, and is streaming “Cages”, off their forthcoming debut EP The Sorrow, out early 2015 via Calaveras Records here.

Wilson commented about his band:

“I am equal parts darkness and light, and I have always had ideas that wouldn’t quite work for Set Your Goals; either the lyrics were too dark or the parts were too aggressive.

Chains is an outlet for that. Once Set Your Goals slowed down I was able to put my ideas into motion. I grew up listening to extreme music, and this project is more in line with those tastes.”

The band has announced their first string of live dates:

Jan 17: Metro Sideroom – Oakland, CA
Jan 18: The Echo – Los Angeles, CA
Jan 19: Nile Underground – Mesa, AZ