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Audio: Ectovoid – Possessed by Ancient Dread + Cemetary Filth – Consumption of Volition

four doors to death 2

Alabama black/death metallers Ectovoid is streaming “Possessed by Ancient Dread” and Tennessee/Georgia death metallers Cemetary Filth is also streaming “Consumption of Volition” (featuring Dave Ingram of Bolt Thrower and Benediction) off of their upcoming split 4 Doors to Death with Sabbatory (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) and Trenchrot (Philadelphia), below. The split is out on January 22, 2016 via Unspeakable Axe Records.

4 Doors to Death Track Listing:

1. Consumption of Volition [Cemetery Filth]
2. Dagonian Dialect…The Obelisk U [Cemetery Filth]
3. Cosmic Wraiths [Cemetery Filth]
4. Ash Primordial [Ectovoid]
5. Possess by Ancient Dread [Ectovoid]
6. Ascension to my Holy Tomb [Sabbatory]
7. Primordial [Sabbatory]
8. Hell Pilot’s Call [TrenchRot]
9. Powerful Kandarian Steel [TrenchRot]
10. Evil Dead [TrenchRot] (Death Cover)