CONCERT REVIEW: Immolation – Demolition Hammer – Black Anvil – Mortician – Funeral Leech Live at Irving Plaza

This is the most New York show I’ve been to in a long while. It felt like one big local show. That’s what happens when all five bands come from here. That being said, this show started earlier, doors at the renovated Irving Plaza were at 6 pm. or 1800 for non-Americans. Every few steps you ran into someone you knew. I saw a lot of faces that this was their first show since you know what. It’s rare to see in metal shows nowadays but this show had a host! Bassist extraordinaire, Dan Lilker from Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth fame. MCed the whole night.

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New York Rock and Metal Club Blackthorn 51 Closes its Doors Due to the Pandemic

In a move echoed by countless small clubs all around the work catering to rock and metal, Blackthorn 51 has closed its doors at it’s former Queens location permanently. The management of the club cited the closures over the COVID-19 pandemic, and no ability to become profitable at anything less than 100% capacity. They have not ruled out returning to a new location in several years if conditions in the word reverse to their previous levels for shows. Ghost Cult covered many shows and held several interviews at the venue over the years including Doyle of The Misfits and Narcotic Wasteland. Blackthorn 51 represented the history of two legendary old-school clubs: The Blackthorn and Castle Heights. Continue reading

Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves Talks “Zombie”, Dealing With Fame, And More

Unlikely stars Bad Wolves, have a platinum record, a worldwide number 1 hit song, two YouTube videos with millions of views, and more success than they ever dreamed of when the band was formed as a side project several years back. Even though all this has happened and more accolades are on the way, frontman Tommy Vext keeps things at an even keel by staying humble. We caught up with Tommy at the headquarters of Eleven Seven Music Group to discuss the debut album Disobey, the pressures of having a “hit”, whether or not his band is a “supergroup”, practicing self-care on the road, what happened to all the old music clubs in New York, and whether or not modern hardcore bands are real tough guys or not. Also appearing, Tony the stuffed Tiger! Thanks to Tommy, Eleven Seven, and Bad Wolves for their time. Interview by Keefy with videography by Omar Cordy of OJC Photography. Live Bad Wolves photos by BunnySyn Photography for Ghost Cult.Continue reading