Akercocke – The King Is Blind – Impavidus: Live at Academy 3, Manchester UK


One of Manchester’s brightest up-and-coming lights opened this autumn evening, the first night of a huge week of metal in the city. Impavidus were as tight as hell, the commonly-used MeloDeath soubriquet seeming very wide of the mark despite Michelle Adamson’s staggering use of harsh and clean vocals and some howling leadplay from Gav Smith.

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Exclusive Premiere-The King Is Blind – Bloodlet Ascension


Ahead of the unleashing of their debut album, the hotly anticipated Our Father on the relaunched seminal UK label Cacophonous Records on 29th January 2016, Monolithic Metallers The King Is Blindare delighted to team up with Ghost Cult Magazine to premiere the second advance track from the upcoming release.

Entitled ‘Bloodlet Ascension’, the track showcases a snappier side to the band and is further testament to the metal diversity on display throughout the album, while forming an integral part of the story of Our Father. Our Father is a dark and involved concept album discussing the true genesis of man and the origin of our multitude of deficiencies, adapted from various literary sources including Paradise Lost and The Book of Revelation. ‘Bloodlet Ascension’ is a pivotal moment where the story’s protagonist, Satan, forms his plan to subvert and claim mankind and issues a rallying call to his daemons, to ascend through claiming the bloodline of man.


Vocalist Stephen John Tovey added:

“Every track on the album feeds the central narrative, but beyond that, each track also delves into the murkiness of human behaviour and expands outside of the story and lyrically operates on at least three plains. ‘Bloodlet…’ on one hand tells a positive message of overcoming failure, or rising up when you’re knocked down, while on the other exploring vengeance, and the complexities and vagaries of it… even when someone has been rightly dealt with in the first place, often the response is that it isn’t “their” fault, there’s always someone else to blame, and rather than reflect and take responsibility, instead disproportionate responses are planned in rage, anger, even using those flags as justification when the planned act far outweighs the initial event that caused the feeling of wrong doing.

“There is no black and white, everything is grey. It often depends on your point of view, and which side you’re standing with. There are no right answers, only more questions with which to challenge yourself. The point of it all is to ask questions. To push the listener to evaluate who they are, how they’d react and is their response not justified, but right.

“As with each track, the music and the lyrics match the emotion of the narrative, and ‘Bloodlet Ascension’ is a suitable rousing, riling, roiling, cascading call to arms.

“Subjects of The King, prepare to RISE, prepare to ASCEND!”

Our Father is released on Cacophonous Records on 29th January 2016.

The King Is Blind play an exclusive show at Black Heart, London, where they will be playing the concept album in its entirety on Sunday 31st January 2016. Support comes from Obscene Entity and Shrines. Tickets can be purchased here.