GHOST CULT PRESENTS: Mini-Metal Mixtape #20

Metal and Coffee’s Mini-Metal Mixtape, presented by Ghost Cult Magazine is back with another new episode! Time to get your weekly dose of an essential mix of the newest extreme music by essential bands, and a few classics baked in there too! In the latest edition of Mini-Metal Mixtape, episode #20, curated by Ebonie Butler a.k.a, Metal & Coffee, she brings an eclectic array of bands Neurosis, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Cave In and Burst. In her 12-year journey as an extreme metal DJ, Metal & Coffee has delved into the depths of the heavy music world to bring you a new mix each week. Metal & Coffee has been featured on Philadelphia’s most popular college radio station, WKDU 91.7 FM, and has also spent time as the resident New Releases DJ over on GIMME METAL. Stream the newest playlist right now!

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GUEST POST: Danny Tatom of Rabirtup Shares His Favorite Music Of 2017

Ghost Cult once again brings you “End Of Year” lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the world. In this post, Danny Tatom of Rabirtup shares his Top 10 Albums Of 2017.Continue reading

Exclusive: Kindler – Cosmic Revelations, Full Album Stream

Kindler band 2016 ghostcultmag


Ghost Cult is proud to bring you the full-album stream of Cosmic Revelations (Self-Released), the new full-length album from prog rock’s bright new hope, Kindler. The album drop tomorrow, March 11th. You can hear the stream at this link or below:


Hailing from Ashboro NC, Kindler pulls inspiration from such classic genre giants as Rush, Yes, ISIS, Mastodon, Tool, Opeth and Burst. Frontman Cameron Fitzpatrick commented on the occasion of the release:


“While we self-engineered both Cosmic Revelations and our EP “Afterglow”, and recorded them both at the same studio, Cosmic Revelations comes from a slightly different place than the EP. When we recorded “Afterglow”, we had a lot of concrete ideas about our music and our identity as a band, and the material reflected that certainty. The music on the album (Cosmic Revelations), however, is punctuated by what we call an “ominous question mark”. Things change, life is unpredictable, and very little remains certain, and these themes are present in nearly every song on the album.”


Kindler Cosmic Revelations album cover ghostcultmag

Production Credits:

Cosmic Revelations:

Recorded at The Fidelitorium

Mixed at The Forest Moon of Endor

Engineered and mixed by Cameron Fitzpatrick

Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain

Artwork by Edwin Galmon


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