ALBUM REVIEW: Graveslave – No Center

It takes a lot of blood, sweat, beers to make it in the music business. A lot of bands form around a good idea, some beers, mutual bands, or a few riffs, heat up, run cold and call it day. Few bands have the temerity to overcome real adversity with all the music industry shit that crushes your soul. If you know, you know. Graveslave has overcome the death of their original vocalist Don “Doombringer” Durkee in 2019, and are still here. Putting out a killer EP during the lockdown Devotion, and now a new album, this is far above what most others could muster. No matter what happens in their career, they have defied the odds for the love of music.

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EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Vestigial – “Crown of Serpents”

Ghost Cult has teamed up with Grand Rapids Michigan extreme metal band Vestigial to debut their full album stream for Crown of Serpents, out this Saturday, November 2nd. Brutal, bleak and straddling the line between classic and modern sounds, this band is definitely one you need to add to your end of year playlists. Purchase and stream the album at the link below!

The band commented:

“With Crown Of Serpents we aimed to dig deeper and paint a darker picture than we’ve done previously. After taking on our new drummer Mike Miller we doubled down on technicality and sought to blend the aggressive and evil elements of death metal with the melodic and groovy aspects of metalcore to find a sound all our own. Lyrically, I think this album speaks volumes about the frailty of our health as a species with both internal and external battles. A lot of people have difficulty making it out alive, and I think it’s important those people connect with that message and understand it happens to the best of us. If you take away anything from this album, it should be that you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out if you’re losing those battles.” – Michael Stellema, vocals/guitar

Casket Robbery – Evolution of Evil

Casket Robbery Evolution Of Evil album cover 2016

Just when I was thinking to myself that the death metal scene may not see another great newcomer for a handful of years, Evolution of Evil (Mortal Music), the full length début from Casket Robbery, forced its way into my ears. The Madison, Wisconsin natives have found a great sound that sits right in the middle of brutal death metal and technical death metal. The riffs and hooks are catchy as hell but avoid being too technical yet not overly simplistic. The tempos across tracks changes up quite a bit and really helps give each track its own personality like the serial killers in the lyrics of some of the songs.

Trying to pick out favorites on this record proved to be quite difficult but I was able to narrow in on a couple. ‘Curse of the Night Stalker’ may be one of the best tracks overall with its split personality. The main riff is very aggressive which will be sure to sprout up some nasty pits. However, the chorus/bridge hooks are so epic and catchy your head will spin (nailed that pun). For the brutal fans, ‘Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre’ is one of the heavier/slower tracks on Evolution of Evil and it is a neck breaker for sure. Fair warning to the elitists, the bridge busts out some sweet djent licks that I found to be brow raising (which is a good thing).

Like a few other albums I have listened to over the past couple of years, I find the best albums just end too soon. Casket Robbery packs ten tracks together on Evolution of Evil but only abuses you for thirty-five minutes. I guess the saying is true, “Quality, not quantity.” Either way, I was left scratching for more and may even need to look into finding the band’s EP released a few years ago to hold me over. There are a lot of death metal albums due out over the course of 2016, but the bar has been set. Casket Robbery is here to stay, folks.



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Audio: Casket Robbery – Pray For Death

Casket Robbery 2016


Wisconsin Death metal dealers Casket Robbery have released a new single, ‘Pray For Death’, their third from next months Evolution of Evil album, due out on March 4th from Mortal Music. ‘Pray For Death’ features the lead guitar talents of of former Warbringer shredder John Laux. You can stream the track at this link or below:


Previously the band released ‘Annibelle’s Hell’, with a companion music video, and also another track, ‘Final Chapter’. Evolution of Evil pre-order packages are available through Bandcamp. The CD can also be ordered from Big Cartel.

Evolution Of Evil track listing:

1. Annibelle’s Hell

2. Blood Bathory

3. Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre

4. Final Chapter

5. Undead Living Hell

6. Pray for Death

7. Curse of the Night Stalker

8. Encroaching Darkness

9. Cyanide Skies

10. The Asylum

Casket Robbery Evolution Of Evil album cover 2016

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