CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast at Forty

In 1981, after just four years and two studio albums, the limitations of Iron Maiden‘s fiery frontman Paul Di’Anno had already become terminal issues. Cracking under the pressures of touring, his performances erratic and his passion dwindling, the struggling singer had begun down a road of drug and alcohol dependency and was simply unable to give the band what they needed to take that next big step.

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Iron Maiden Shares a New Animated Video for “Stratego”


IRON MAIDEN- 2021 Photo copyright by JOHN McMURTRIE

Iron Maiden has shared a new single and incredible animated video/mini film for the “Stratego” from their new album Senjutsu (BMG/Parlophone). Read our review here!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Iron Maiden – Senjutsu

When every superlative known to man has already been used a hundred times over, it’s difficult to find something to say about Iron Maiden that hasn’t already been said. Every lyric, song, album and music video has been rated and evaluated to within an inch of its life. Business dealings and interviews are scrutinized in microscopic detail, and the minutiae of every record cover examined and dissected like a hairy art project. The moment anything regarding the band is released, the global hive mind that is Maiden’s information-hungry fan base not only know about it but have already expressed their opinion.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dee Snider – Leave A Scar

Dee Snider is sixty-six years old.

What the hell happened there? When I was a teenager, sexagenarians looked and acted like sexagenarians, damn it. Politicians, gardeners, doctors, Victor Kiam (Google him, kids). The lady down the road who only ever seemed to buy tea bags and cat food, and that embarrassing uncle who used to try and Moonwalk at every family party.

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Iron Maiden Share New Single and Animated Video for “The Writing On The Wall”

Iron Maiden has shared a new single and incredible animated video/mini film for the “The Writing On The Wall!” The presumed title track of their forth coming album was composed by Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith and is a lengthy mid-tempo rocker with a great solo section! The song is also streaming at all DSPs. The video was conceived from a story by Dickinson and animated by BlinkInk. More news on the new album soon, but in the mean time – let’s rock!!

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Classic Albums Revisited: 40 Years of Iron Maiden – “Killers”

It was a drizzly, grey Saturday morning sometime in 1982 and I was being dragged around the shops by my parents. At some point, we ended up in a WH Smiths record shop. I wasn’t even into music then, of any description, but I flicked idly through the vinyl anyway just to pass the time. By chance, two tall, long-haired cavemen clad in denim and leather came and stood next to me. When one of them leaned over and picked up something called The Number of the Beast it grabbed my attention instantly, my ten-year-old face transfixed by the artwork on the front. As he lifted it out, I noticed more artwork, this time on the back of his jacket. Iron Maiden – Purgatory. It looked magnificent. I’d never even heard of Iron Maiden before then and I certainly didn’t know who or what a Purgatory was, but I knew I wanted to see more. Grabbing the next record in the section, my eyes didn’t leave the intricately painted sleeve until my parents came and literally pulled it out of my hands. Killers.

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Bruce Dickinson to Host Iron Maiden – “Powerslave” Listening Party

Iron Maiden’s legendary frontman Bruce Dickinson will participate in a listening party for Maiden’s 1984 NWOBHM classic album “Powerslave” in the February 12 installment of “Tim’s Twitter Listening Party”. Dickinson will offer up a track-by-track rundown of the record for the 666th edition of Tim Burgess’s show, a virtual listening party and launched during the pandemic. Watch a video message from Bruce about the event!

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Iron Maiden Shares New Bruce Dickinson Video Promoting New Live Album, Due this Month

Legendary Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden will release a new live album this month, Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City, due out on November 20 via BMG. According to the press release, the album has 100 minutes of classic Maiden music and available in multiple formats, including a limited edition Mexican Flag, triple colored (180g) vinyl, and a limited-edition deluxe two-CD book format, Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City was recorded during the band’s three sold-out arena shows there in September 2019 and is a celebration of their “Legacy Of The Beast” world tour which began in 2018 and will finish next summer in Europe. Watch a new video with singer Bruce Dickinson discussing the album.

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INTERVIEW: Part II with Arjen Lucassen on Ayreon, Rock Operas, Vin Diesel, and Star Trek

Ghost Cult scribe Lorraine Lysen caught up with the great Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon for a wide-ranging interview a few months ago. They chatted about The Electric Castle Live project, the visuals of Ayreon Universe live, working with John de Lancie, rock operas, concept albums, Vin Diesel, Star Trek TNG, upcoming new music, and much more.
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