Westworld Season Three Trailer Features Classic Pink Floyd Track

Memes abound rife with jokes about people canceling their HBO subscriptions all over the internet today, the day after the final episode of Game of Thrones aired. Of course, HBO is not going anywhere and one of their flagship shows now becomes Westworld, which will see season three air next year, in 2020. Season three of Westworld will introduce a new narrative and a new co-star in Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman). In the trailer for the season which aired before the final Game of Thrones, a narration by Paul’s as yet unnamed character is accompanied by ‘Brain Damage’ from Pink Floyd’s all-time classic Dark Side of The Moon. We’re looking forward to this show next year, so watch the trailer now!Continue reading

King 810 – La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God



Like many bands who enjoy a sudden rise to prominence, King 810 have attracted more than their fair share of detractors on their way into the public eye. From accusations of glamorizing gun violence to being just another bunch of wannabees lifting their Neo Nu-Metal sound from acts like Slipknot and Korn, the band now have the opportunity to silence many of their critics with their second full length release, La Petite Mort or A Conversation With God (Roadrunner).

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