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It’s nigh on impossible to put a finger on quite why While She Sleeps’ sophomore effort Brainwashed (Search and Destroy) didn’t explode. Everything was in place. It was, as we at Ghost Cult opined at the time, the right album at the right time from the right band. And yet, while it undoubtedly moved them forwards, the smashing of the glass ceiling never happened. Whether that shattering and reaching of new heights is being reserved for You Are We (Sleeps Brothers / crowd-funded) time will tell,Continue reading

Video: While She Sleeps – Brainwashed, Tour Dates Booked

While She Sleeps still from Brainwashed video


British metalcore band While She Sleeps have released the video for their title track of their recent album Brainwashed. You can view the clip at this link or below:

Following a summer spent on the Vans Warped Tour in the USA, While She Sleeps is starting an extensive run of tour dates, including summer festivals, an Asia tour, and as direct support of the quickly selling out Bullet For My Valentine tour of the UK. More dates will be added tba.


While She Sleeps tour dates: festivals
Aug 21: Lowlands – Biddinghuizen, NL

Aug 21: Destruction Derby – Roslau, DE

Aug 23: Rock’n’Heim – Hockenheim, DE

Aug 28: Leeds Festival- Leeds, UK

Aug 30: Reading Festival – Reading, UK


Asia Tour dates:

Sep 13: Boiler Room, St James Power Station – Singapore, SG

Sep 16: Live House Studio – Bangkok, TH

Sep 18: The Wall Livehouse- Taiwan, TW

Sep 20: Hangout – North, Hong Kong CN

Direct support for Bullet for My Valentine:

Sep 28: Ulster Hall – Ireland, IE

Sep 29: Olympia- Dublin, IE

Oct 01 : Academy- Bournemouth, UK

Oct 02 : Hexagon- Reading, UK

Oct 03 : G Live- Guildford, UK

Oct 05 : Theatre- Aylesbury, UK

Oct 06: Victoria Hall – Stoke On Trent, UK

Oct 07: Engine Shed – Lincoln, UK

Oct 09: Barbican- York, UK

Oct 10: Music Hall – Aberdeen, UK

Oct 11: Alhambria – Dunfermline, UK

Oct 13 : Empire – Middlesbrough, UK

Oct 14 : Sands – Carlisle, UK

Oct 16 :O2 Academy- Leicester, UK

Oct 17: Del La Warr Pavilion – Bexhill, UK

Oct 18: Leas Cliff Hall – Folkestone, UK

Oct 20: Brangwyn Hall- Swansea, UK

Oct 21: Guildhall – Southampton, UK

Oct 22: Corn Exchange- Ipswich, UK

BFMV headline tour with WSS

While She Sleeps – Brainwashed


Much like some stretched and requiring-a-suspension-of-disbelief set of circumstances in ‘Swords and Sorcery’ Fantasy films that bring about the fulfilment of the prophecy of the chosen one(s), so every now and then in the rock and metal world it is exactly the right time for the right band to make “the right record” and catapult themselves not just several rungs up the ladder, but crashing through the glass ceiling to establish themselves as the major players in the scene. Trivium did it with Ascendancy, Killswitch Engage did it with Alive or Just Breathing (both Roadrunner) and now While She Sleeps have done it with Brainwashed (Search and Destroy).

Not just the album they “needed” to make, like The Black Album (Vertigo) was the culmination and definition of heavy metal and the birth of “new” metal, so Brainwashed is the defining statement of what “modern/metallic hardcore” actually is. Throughout the forty-five minutes on display, While She Sleeps destroy any connotation that the genre is creatively redundant as ‘New World Torture’ seethes and slams before opening up, paving the way for a vibrant title track that ends in savage thrashery before ‘Our Legacy’ and its gang vocals and melodic leads provide an alternative anthem.

And “anthem” is the right word to describe damn near every track on display, as each song takes on that larger than life feel and you can already picture packed festival fields baying, swirling and shouting every word of songs like ‘No Sides, No Enemies’. In an album packed full modern hymns, ‘Four Walls’ manages to stand even taller, a song more than worthy of carrying the band to the next level and heading rock channel playlists for years to come. ‘Life In Tension’ is another highlight, rattling along, before hitting a half-time call to arms; one that will ignite live performances with massive pits and a sea of arms and voices aloft, before its melodic guitar lead spirals and wah’s off into arena filling glory.

Considering the genres have been smooshed together for over a decade, Brainwashed is the perfect combination of metal and hardcore, and the Sleeps deserve credit for not cutting their nose off to spite their faces and actively encouraging catchiness in the right places. Alongside that Brainwashed has all those clever touches the truly great albums have, little guitar licks, drum inflections that enhance grooves and an excellent thick, warm production that captures and reflects the energy of a band on creative fire, rather than stifling (and it’s no surprise to see the name of the legendary Colin Richardson among the credits).

Vocalist “Loz” Taylor has overcome serious throat surgery to produce the ideal modern hardcore performance – aggressive in the shouts, versatile in vocal, and melodic and tuneful when required, without losing intensity, and projecting a credible emotion that you can believe in. These aren’t empty songs; from the rising chatter of opener ‘The Divide’ to the dying strains of ‘Modern Minds’, this is an album that matters both to its protagonists and to its fans.

And ultimately that is key. Not only is Brainwashed a collection of excellent modern heavy songs, but it is dripping with conviction; more than just an assembly of songs, it delivers and is a real album, connecting on a level that so few do. The hardcore attitude that is often missing from the bigger albums these days is vibrantly present as While She Sleeps take their roots from metal, from Machine Head, from hardcore, from artists like Funeral For A Friend, and from the best bands of the last twenty years, to produce an album that stands not just as a genre marker for others to be measured by, but as a statement of intent and a challenge to their peers.

For the bar has now well and truly been raised.

Forget the arguments and discussions about who the next Metallica will be, about who will be the next festival headliner, because right here, right now, is the right band with the right album at the right time to be not just the future, but the now.


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