ALBUM REVIEW: Code Orange – Underneath

It’s a fascinating time to be in the Code Orange camp. It’s been a little over three years since the bruising Forever stormed the Metallic Hardcore gates and they’re finally releasing the proper follow-up, Underneath (Roadrunner) to a hungry world. And the hype is certainly a factor. Continue reading

Hear A New Code Orange Remix By Terry Date

Terry Date, the uber-producer who famously worked with Pantera, Soundgarden, and Deftones in the 1990s, has done a track remix for Code Orange. Listen to his remix of ‘Bleeding In The Blur’, which premiered yesterday on BBC Radio 1sRock Show With Daniel P Carter‘.Continue reading

Code Orange – Forever

The start of the new year is supposed to be a time for quiet contemplation and reflection No one seems to have told Code Orange this, though. Forever (Roadrunner) is a veritable wake-up call, a crushing and triumphant blast of ferocity that isn’t the simple throwing down of a gauntlet, it’s an entire suit of armour.Continue reading