ColdClaw’s New Album is Out Now, Record Release Show Takes Place Tonight

San Jose Blackened Crust band ColdClaw has released their new album, Anti-Martyr: Decades to Suffer, out now via Ritual Sound Records. You can purchase and stream the album now from the labels’ Bandcamp. The band will host their record release show tonight, at The Ritz in San Jose, CA! Support acts on the bill will come from other amazing bands such as Abstracter (Sentient Ruin) and Deathgrave (Tankcrimes) along with locals Slege and Cult Graves.

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ColdClaw’s New Album Streaming in Full, Out Tomorrow via Ritual Sound Records

Blackened Crust band ColdClaw is streaming their new album before you can buy it over at Metal Insider! Their new album, their third, Anti-Martyr: Decades to Suffer, releasing tomorrow, on September 27th via Ritual Sound Records. The Bay Area Kvlt band also has a record release show, which you can see the details and buy tickets at the link below!

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Scumpulse – Rotten

Full disclosure here, something about Scumpulse piqued my interest enough to pick this one out of the myriad of potential albums to assault my ears with for review, but at the time, I wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe it was that I expected fun, ugly grindcore (which this isn’t)? Maybe it’s that I trust the source that it came from? Or just maybe it’s because the UK is a hotbed of talented, abrasive, creative intent bubbling and broiling just below the surface of everyone’s conscious right now and I didn’t want to miss out on the next thrilling, grimy rendition? Continue reading

SECT – No Cure For Death

Informing me that a band features the talents of Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley probably isn’t the best way to sell me on their album, but I’m glad I swallowed my ignorance. I mean, you should’ve told me that Hurley is super talented and that he’s flanked by members of Cursed, Catharsis and Earth Crisis in SECT. Combine those mega-powers with uber-producer Kurt Ballou and the fabled GodCity Studios and you’ve got a hell of a blast of Entombed-core in No Cure for Death (Southern Lord).

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Wildspeaker – Spreading Adder

Texan purveyors of blackened crust Wildspeaker release their second full length on Prosthetic Records. A notable departure in the tone of 2015’s Survey the Wreckage (self-released) Spreading Adder has a much sludgier feel. Whilst Survey the Wreckage had a brighter and sharper tone, Spreading Adder is much lower and dirtier and the most obvious change is that vocals are more hidden in the mix, which limits their power.Continue reading