Allfather – And All Will Be Desolation

While the first album (Bless The Earth With Fire) by the sludgy metal quintet Allfather aggressively raged against the injustices in the world, their second album, And All Will Be Desolation (Rotting Throne) shows a different take on the political landscape that is not often present in music: whereas most political music will call for, and show the fight against the power in a positive light – rise up and not think about the negatives of the movement – And All Will Be Desolation reflects on the sombre side of fighting against injustices across the globe. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Allfather – ‘Black Triangle’, New Album Coming Soon

British riff-mongers Allfather are back, armed and dangerous, having confirmed the details of their upcoming second album And All Will Be Desolation, to be released via Rotting Throne Records on 7th September. And, being the amiable chaps that they are, Allfather have teamed with Ghost Cult to deliver an exclusive stream of a monolithic slab of riffs, bellows, sludge, hardcore, beards, metal, riffs and fuck you, all by way of the lead off track from …Desolation. Continue reading