Super7 Toys Is Releasing a Slayer “Black Magic” ReAction Figure

Super7 is at it again! After recently releasing King Diamond, Ozzy, Megadeth, Motorhead, Misfits ReAction figures and the already sold out Slayer Minitour from Show No Mercy, the toy brand is releasing a “Black Magic” Slayer figure! The figure celebrates Show No Mercy and Jeff Hanneman who passed away six years ago today. The figure release next week via the link below. Continue reading

Beyond The Gates 2016: Live At The Garage Bergen NO

Beyond the Gates poster 2016 ghostcultmag

So, we’re the Ghost Cult, and they’re a cvlt festival in Bergen ‘The Cradle Of Black Metal’, Norway. It’s a match made in heaven. It’s a solid swipe to the right, and it brings the promise of a romantic walk down that left hand path. OK, enough now. I mean, according to a pilot study conducted by famous Vilayanur Ramachandran there’s potential readers out there suffering from what is known as ‘metaphor blindness’. Keeping it simple: we found ourselves at one of Norway’s hottest underground metal festivals at the very last weekend of August, for four days of a full à la carte metal menu.

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Venom Inc, Deströyer 666, Gaahl, Black Anvil, Gehennah To Play Beyond The Gates Fest This Weekend

Beyond the Gates poster 2016 ghostcultmag

Celebrating their 5th anniversary this weekend in Bergen NO, the Beyond The Gates Festival brings the best in underground Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom, Thrash, Occult and Heavy Metal. Headliners include Venom Inc, featuring Abbadon and Mantas from the legendary Venom, Deströyer 666, and Gaahl’s (Gorgoroth, Wardruna) new band, Gaahls WYRD. Consisting of Trelldom material only, the Gaahl has commented “Many of these songs, from frontman Gaahl’s first ever black metal band, have never been played live before, so this will be a unique and unforgettable event.”


You can get tickets for the weekend at this link:

Beyond The Gates Festival -Full Line-up:

Venom Inc (UK)

Deströyer 666 (AU)

Gaahls WYRD performing Trelldom (N)

Infernal War (PL)

Secrets of the Moon (D)

Nekromantheon (N)

Degial (S)

Gehennah (S)

Urfaust (NL)

Magister Templi (N)

Black Anvil (US)

Sortilegia (CA)

Malthusian (IRL)

Nettlecarrier (N)

Spirit Cabinet (NL)

Saturnalia Temple (S)

Ritual Death (N)

Reptilian (N)

Black Magic (N)

Gravdal (N)

For further information, please contact


Brimstone Coven – Black Magic

Brimstone Coven Black Magic Album cover

Giving me a copy of Brimstone Coven’s Black Magic (Metal Blade) is liking giving an alcoholic a free handle. I was in. Let’s cut through the bull, I was digging this album within the first few seconds of listen. It’s got that spooky, fuzzy sound that turns me into a giddy child.

‘Black Magic’ and its bass line get things started on a groovy note, a throw back to the jams of the 60s and 70s when everything seemed to be enveloped in a haze and movement was just a touch slower. I keep playing this song over and over again and just can’t get enough of Andrew D’cagna’s bass playing. Give me, please. Don’t be surprised if you come across me dancing to this in the woods with some friends from beyond the veil.

Songs like ‘Slow Death’ make KISS to mind. They’re higher energy with a little less fuzz and prevent the album from getting monotonous. You also have that classic 70s guitar riffs and even John Williams’ vocals are similar to a slightly more subdued Starchild. It’s like a five minute trip back in time.

The second half of the album or so steers the listener away from the light and back on the road towards Spookyville with ‘The Seers’ and ‘The Plague’. The solo about three minutes in on ‘The Plague’ is spectacular and I am mildly in love with it despite my usual fascination with the bass side of things.

I’m calling it now; Black Magic will be one of my favorite albums of 2016. Give it a listen and discover something beautiful.



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