The Nightflight Orchestra Enter The Studio For New Album

The Nightflight Orchestra have announced they have entered the studio to record their next album, the follow-up to Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough (Nuclear Blast Records). The band is currently working on the as of yet untitled album at Nordic Sound Labs using the same drum kit that was used during the recordings of ABBA’s 1980 mega album Super Trouper!Continue reading

Shredder Steve Dadaian Released New Music Video, New Album Due In 2019

Guitar master Steve Dadaian is releasing his new full-length album in early 2019 dubbed Follow The Light. The album releases on February 1st and promises more shred guitar, symphonic style arrangements, and wild melodies. The album also features appearances from Bjorn Strid of Soilwork, intro theme by Serj Tankian of System of a Down! Pre-Orders are live now via Bandcamp, and other retailers next month. Watch the first video for the title track right now. Continue reading

The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough

Formed in 2006, and including members past and present of Soilwork, Arch Enemy and Spiritual Beggars, are The Night Flight Orchestra. Despite their heavy origins they are anything but, this Swedish sextet are enamoured with the sounds of the late 70’s and early 80s – so expect big riffs, huge choruses, corny lyrics and artery-clogging amounts of cheese. Continue reading

Xandria – Theater of Dimensions

Around five years ago, German/Dutch Symphonic Metal band Xandria threw off the shackles of the Middle Eastern and Celtic romanticism prevalent on their first four albums, switched singers and promptly transformed themselves into Nightwish. Well okay, maybe not quite, but the similarities between the two bands recently are striking to say the least and on new album Theater of Dimensions (Napalm) it would now also appear they’ve absconded with Dutch compatriots Epica too. Continue reading

Xandria Releases Their New Song Featuring Björn Strid Of Soilwork


After the successful release of Sacrificium back in 2014, Xandria is proud to announce that the highly anticipated follow up, Theater Of Dimensions, will be hitting stores on January 27th via Napalm Records. Continue reading

Soilwork To Join The New York Islanders For Millitary Appreciation Day

Soilwork, by Rich Price Photographyn

Soilwork, by Rich Price Photography


Swedish metal meets NHL Hockey this Monday as Soilwork gets joins the New York IslandersFranchise to support Millitary Appreciation Day. Details below: Continue reading

Arch Enemy – Soilwork – Iron Swan : Live at Corporation, Shefield UK

Arch Enemy – Soilwork Live ghostcultmag

Despite arriving early a mix up over press passes meant that I caught only the last few minutes of Iron Swan’s set as I made my way down the long hall of the corporation, fighting through a dense crowd who were nodding appreciatively to gloomy doom offering. Continue reading

Bjorn Strid of Soilwork Talks Night Flight Orchestra

Soilwork, by Evil Robb Photography

Soilwork, by Evil Robb Photography

Bjorn Strid is someone who likes to keep himself busy when it comes to creating music. Aside from his ‘day job’ with Swedish metallers Soilwork, he has found himself loaning his voice to multiple side projects and guest appearances over the years.

He shared some of them he has done. “Disarmonia Mundi – That’s just a guest thing. So whenever they put out an album together, they ask me if I’m available and I do it. That’s always a lot of fun. They’re friends of mine.

Disarmonia Mundi

Disarmonia Mundi

The only other band that I really have, like a real band, that’s The Night Flight Orchestra. I don’t need any more. It’s classic rock and that’s one side of me, and there’s the metal side of me and that’s Soilwork. I think that’s perfect.

There’s Terror 2000 as well. We haven’t done a record since 2006. So it’s been a while. I’m happy where I am right now. I don’t need any other bands. I do guest vocals here and there. That’s fine but as far as starting new projects I don’t feel like it right now.

Terror 2000

Terror 2000

He elaborated on The Night Flight Orchestra, his 70s rock/AOR rock band featuring fellow Soilwork guitarist David Andersson, Arch Enemy bassist Sharlee D’Angelo, Von Benzo keyboardist Richard Larsson, Mean Streak drummer Jonas Källsbäck and congas/percussion/guitarist Sebastian Forslund.

The Night Flight Orchestra

The Night Flight Orchestra

It’s really our vacation band. We have been doing shows. We did Sweden Rock which is a huge festival as well. Our fan base is really growing as well and it’s a totally different musical expression obviously. It’s really cool and it’s whenever we have time. It’s hard to sync sometimes because Sharlee D’Angelo with Arch Enemy. They’re on tour a lot. It’s hard finding the time but then again we don’t want to feel any pressure with that band. It should be all about fun entering the studio and jamming out and doing as many shows as we can.

night flight orchestra skyline whispers

If anyone wants to check out The Night Flight Orchestra, it’s called Skyline Whispers. It came out in June. Like I sad, it’s a totally different thing. Try to be objective. It’s nowhere near any kind of metal. It’s late 70s- early 80s Dad rock, if you want to call it that.

By Rei Nishimoto

Exes For Eyes Streaming Video For “The Platinum Project”


Toronto, ON metal outfit Exes For Eyes is streaming a promo video for “The Platinum Project” here, and the music video for “Tongues Like Figure Eights” here. Stream “Remember Savannah” here, and “My Life Vs. Your Vacation” here.

The band just released their new album Tongues Like Figure Eights, which was produced by band guitarist Dave Sheldon (ex Man With Target, Annihilator). Guest appearances include Bjorn Strid of Soilwork, Lisa Sinner of Out of the Ruins, and Dominic Cifarelli of Chronicles of Israfel and Scars on Broadway.

Track Listing For Tongues Like Figure Eights
1) Tongues Like Figure Eights
2) Done For Good ft. Bjorn Strid (Soilwork)
3) I Will Stand My Ground
4) Collision
5) Bleed The Stone
6) A Stronger Man
7) Remember Savannah
8) Parade Of One
9) Shot In The Dark ft. Dominic Cifarelli (Pulse Ultra/Scars On Broadway/Chronicles of Israfel)
10) My Life vs. Your Vacation
11) Closure…

Exes For Eyes on Facebook
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Exes For Eyes on YouTube

Infinite Possibilities In The Big Apple – An Interview with Soilwork

Soilwork2013b-300x200Soilwork has released their brand new album The Living Infinite to wide acclaim. The ambitious double-album is also a concept driven story that was several years in the making. Most notably, the album is a throwback to their earlier, more aggressive era melodic death metal pioneers built their reputation upon. It is also said to be the most collaborative album the band has ever made. Ghost Cult caught up with drummer DirkVerbeuren in New York, at the start of their new tour to get all the details on the new album. Continue reading