Public Enemy Fires Flavor Flav Over Bernie Sanders Rally Cease and Desist Letter

Public Enemy formally fired legendary rapper and hypeman Flavor Flav after he issued a cease and desist letter to attempt to prevent Public Enemy, currently calling themselves “Public Enemy Radio ” a.k.a. “Public Enemy -FTP (Fight The Power) on some of their social media, from performing at a Los Angeles rally for United States Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The group, fronted by co-founder and sole owner of the rights to the group, Chuck D., did, in fact, perform at the rally Sunday. This comes just one day after all the parties squared off on social media , with Chuck D. saying he would give Flav “one year to get it together” or be kicked out. Public Enemy can be seen taking the stage, followed by their performance at the 1:57.00 mark of the video. Continue reading

Sick Of It All – Wake the Sleeping Dragon!

If the political and social swamp that is the United States in the year 2018 can have one positive, it is that it provides the perfect environment to create fierce extreme music or art. This isn’t lost on New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All who on Wake The Sleeping Dragon! (Century Media) tackle subjects ranging from the 1%, President Trump’s idiotic fucking wall and the institutionalized racism built into New York City’s infrastructure. One hell of a thesis.Continue reading