ALBUM REVIEW: Asking Alexandria – Like A House On Fire – Sumerian Records

Following the monumental impact of their 2017 self-titled, Asking Alexandria’s sixth album Like a House On Fire (Sumerian Records) had a lot to live up to. Thankfully, if anyone’s truly mastered the ability to evolve without betraying themselves or their fans, it’s AA. They’ve stood as a pillar in metalcore and metal for over a decade now, and they’ve made it damn clear they aren’t looking to give up their throne anytime soon.

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Watch The Full Trailer to “American Satan” Spin-off Series – “Paradise City”

Sumerian Films, the offshoot of Sumerian Records will release Paradise City, a star-studded TV series based on their genre film American Satan. The series features a cavalcade of stars including Andy Black and Ben Bruce of Black Veil Brides, Bella Thorne, Cameron Boyce, Drea De Matteo, Hopsin, and more. NO network partner has been announced, nor a release date as yet. Watch the trailer, with music by Palaye Royale, below! Continue reading

Watch a Livestream Chat for Sumerian Films’ American Satan with Black Veil Brides

Sumerian Films, the offshoot film company of Sumerian Records served up a free treat of a limited stream of their film American Satan. The popular genre film starring Andy Black and Ben Bruce of Black Veil Brides and directed by Sumerian owner Ash Avildsen debuted in 2017. The film was streamed free for a limited-time event, but it’s down now. What is still free to watch is the amazing after watch Q & A with Ash, Black, Bruce and presenter, and VJ Matt Pinfield. The film will see a TV series spin-off in 2020, Paradise City. Watch the clip below and order the film as well if you missed the free watch event. Continue reading

Classic Heavy metal Song “Mother” by Danzig Covered for American Satan Movie

American Satan, the 2017 movie Directed by Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen will see a television sequel Paradise City soon. The film starred and featured music from many Sumerian cornerstone artists with a score co-written by Jonathan Davis of Korn. The series stars Black Veil Brides leaders Andy Black and Ben Bruce, along with Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellen Quinn and many others. Listen to this trip-hot inspired reimaging of Danzig’s classic ‘Mother’, in a video with clips from the original film right now! Continue reading

Asking Alexandria Releases “Alone In A Room” Video

Asking Alexandria has released a new video for their single, ‘Alone In A Room’, directed by Sumerian Films’ Steven Contreras. The video marks the second chapter – the prequel – of the trilogy that began with ‘Into The Fire’ last year, from their fifth, self-titled album. Watch it now! Continue reading

Asking Alexandria – Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria have been through some dramatic turbulence in the last few years and if music is the best therapy, this experiment is proof that music is the best medicine. Continue reading

Asking Alexandria Officially Reunites With Danny Worsnop, Denis Stoff Departs

Asking Alexandria Band_Photo_2014

Metalcore leaders Asking Alexandria have officially announced the return of former frontman Danny Worsnop to the group, and the departure of Denis Stoff. Details below: Continue reading

Asking Alexandria – The Black

Asking Alexandria the Black Sumerian Records ghostcultmag

Yorkshire’s favorite sons Asking Alexandria are back with a new full-length, determined to put the ghosts of the past behind them and seize some sort of unofficial metalcore crown and miter. This being the first album of new music since the much talked about departure of former frontman Danny Worsnop (We Are Harlot), who himself was synonymous with the band, the band has been under massive scrutiny. Factoring in the challenges of incorporating new singer Denis Stoff (Sharforostov) of AA soundalike Make Me Famous, and the fact that some of the fans doubts, you could say this release came at a critical juncture. Never being one to back down from a challenge, guitarist/band mastermind Ben Bruce and his new singer mostly crafted an album as strong or better than anything in they have done. To the most cynical, die-hard fan this music will squash any notion that the band could possibly fall off without Worsnop. The Black (Sumerian) will likely be looked back in the future as a pivotal album, the time when metalcore grew up, without watering it down as a genre.

While droves of the scene bands strive to run away from their roots (Parkway Drive and BMTH among others), Asking Alexandria has made a metalcore history lesson of sorts. The sound of the band on The Black covers where they were when they started with Stand Up and Scream (Sumerian), to the present. It is a well written, immaculately produced affair and a lot of props has to be given to Ben Bruce and his bag of licks. ‘Let It Sleep’ raucous battle cry. Straight in the typical style of the band, it is harsh, grooves, and has a terrific refrain for screaming along with. Denis just bruises his way through the track, like puncher in a prize-fight.

The title track is a beast too. The simple driving riff could be mistaken for Five Finger Death Punch or Sevendust, but all the heaviness the band is known for bringing. The chorus is massive, and these first two songs are going to be blaring out of car windows and scarring soccer moms all summer. ‘I Won’t Give In’ follows and is kind of a unique metalcore power-ballad of sorts. It’s not the best track here, but the tempo and the delivery have the desired dramatic effect they were going for. ‘Sometimes it Ends’ is the only song that blatantly addresses the Worsnop split and the fallout. The track is phenomenal and has the power and a flavor the band hasn’t really shown before. Perhaps one of their best tracks to date in terms of brutality and songcraft.

asking alexandria band 2016 ghostcultmag

‘The Lost Souls’ is a lament for the millennial generation and another strong cut. It seems like the band focused on making these massive tracks, but without too much clutter. Stoff gets on the Chester Bennington/Jonathan Davis level emotionally here vocally. You can just close your eyes and imagine the massive festival crowds screaming this in unison. Returning producer Joey Sturgis may have out done himself here.other strong tracks include the ‘Send Me Home’, ‘We’ll Be OK’, the epic balladry of ‘Gone’, and the closing track ‘Circled By Wolves’. There are a few tracks here that aren’t the strongest top to bottom, but none of them are skippable moments.

With this new batch of powerful songs and Stoff and his flexible vocal chords in tow, you see the band living up to all the promise and hype they have been given, instead of falling off.




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Audio: Asking Alexandria – Here I Am

Asking Alexandria the Black Sumerian Records ghostcultmag

Ahead of their new album The Black due out March 25th from Sumerian Records, Asking Alexandria are streaming a new song. ‘Here I Am’ can be heard at this link or below:



 Asking Alexandria, by Bret B Photos

Asking Alexandria, by Bret B Photos

The Black will be the first new music with new frontman Denis Shaforostov at the helm. Guitarist Ben Bruce reflects on changing singers and the new course the band has set:

“We hadn’t reached our destination yet, and Danny (Worsnop) had. I think it was necessary. When it happened, I was devastated. I lost my best friend. We even started referring to this part of our career as ‘the black period.’ It was the darkest time, but we weren’t going to give up. If he hadn’t left, I don’t think we would’ve been as inspired as we were. I also don’t think Asking Alexandria would still be around. Instead, we’re more excited than ever about this band.”


asking alexandria band 2016 ghostcultmag

The Black track listing:

01. Let It Sleep

02. The Black

03. I Won’t Give In

04. Sometimes It Ends

05. The Lost Souls

06. Just A Slave To Rock N Roll

07. Send Me Home

08. We’ll Be Okay

09. Here I Am

10. Gone

11. Undivided

12. Circled By The Wolves


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