It Lies Within – Paramount

It Lies Within Paramount album cover 2016

It is really easy to dismiss the entire metalcore genre as a whole, and many people often do. However, metalcore is not going anywhere. Its popularity continues to rise each year, even with all of the hate from the metal elitist keyboard warriors. Despite the negativity which seems to constantly surround the genre there are a few bands who manage to make a name for themselves. One of these bands is It Lies Within, who are a Michigan-based quintet. Their second full-length album, Paramount (Luxor), is one of the first new releases of 2016, but the main question is will it still be remembered by next year?

The fusion of electronic dance music and metalcore is a recent phenomenon, with bands such as Asking Alexandria, Eskimo Callboy and Crossfaith all trying to appeal to the masses. It Lies Within are certainly attempting to add their name to the ‘electronicore’ Wikipedia page with their latest release. Their blend of heavy guitar riffs and electronic breakdowns is nothing new, however, Zachary Scott and co. are able to make it sound almost effortless. Although the production of the album generally sounds well-polished, the addition of bass-heavy beats and fragmented riffs adds a certain rough-around-the-edges vibe their sound, which is definitely a positive.

The main thing that separates It Lies Within from its competitors is the ferocious and powerful vocals. Zachary and Kamron’s vocals contrast well: the raspy screaming fused with the melodic choruses creates a well-balanced and exciting metalcore sound.

The techno beats are simplistic; however, they do their job well. The electronic element adds an upbeat twist to a somewhat aggressive genre and it would be interesting to hear exactly how It Lies Within are able to portray that element in their live shows.

If you are looking for something super-duper original then you are not going to find it on Paramount. However, if you are looking for electronic metalcore music which is hard-hitting and relentless, then you are certainly in the right place.



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