Nefariant Shares New Video – “Life On Fire” and Releases a New EP

New York Modern Metal band Nefariant has dropped a new single/video for a brand new track – “Life On Fire” from their just dropped new EP Fowl. They also announced an outdoor headline show on June 12th and a second show on August 21st, as direct support fo in Brooklyn. Both shows will take place at Arrogant Swine in Brooklyn and both shows will follow all current Covid guidelines for safety and curfew. The video “Life On Fire” was directed by Frankie Nasso (Mudvayne, Nothing More) and you can watch it here.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Witnesses – Doom II

As hinted by the title, Doom II (Self-Released) isn’t Witnesses’ second overall album but rather their second to expand on the Doom Metal style that was established on 2019’s To Disappear And To Be Nothing. Its predecessor’s combination of glacial riffing, distraught vocals and bleak mood is well-preserved here and the overarching narrative of a ship lost at sea allows them to be conveyed even more powerfully than before. Convoluted naming conventions aside, it’s a bold leap forward by every metric.

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EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Winter Nights – “When December Burns”

Long-running New York melodic Death Metal band Winter Nights have shared their first single, ‘When December Burns’, from their upcoming self-titled release. The album is due out on July 31st and is bound to conjure the frost-bitten fjords of the motherland, even on sweltering summer days. The new track is their first new music after the 2014 release An Endless Apocalypse, and is meant to be more grim yet very dramatic and full of catchy melodies. The band even remarked: “Well, very well. We’ve once again offered something different than our previous work. We are looking to conjure the feeling of dread, and remembrance. We hope they can relate to it in one way or another.” Fans of old school Amon Amarth and At The Gates will dig this band. Jam out to “When December Burns” now!Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Bad Citizen Streams New Single and Lyric Video for – “Taking It Back”


New York City’s Rock royalty Bad Citizen has dropped a brand new single and lyric video for their track ‘Taking It Back’! The track is the second single from their forthcoming new EP, Demolition, arriving later in 2020! Bad Citizen has a busy 2020 planned with gigs planned to support the single release with soon to be announced dates in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, WashingtonD.C. and Appomattox, and Virginia. Check out ‘Taking It Back’ now, only at Ghost Cult!Continue reading

Krallice Announces Two New Albums, Dave Edwardson Of Neurosis Collaboration

New York City kvlt black metallers Krallice have announced via social media that they have not one, but two new albums ready for release. The first of which Loüm will feature Neurosis member Dave Edwardson on lead vocals, lead synths, and lead lyrics for release and is due out in two weeks, roughly by the end of October. The second new release will be available for pre-order at that time. Continue reading

Candiria – Netherlands – Tiger Flowers: At Amityville Music Hall


Candiria, by DEV Photography

Closing out a weekend run of shows for their recent album While They Were Sleeping (Metal Blade) New York City’s Candiria made their to Amityville Long Island to The Amityville Music Hall. With openers ranging from hardcore to metal to just straight up weird, it was an eclectic night for sure. Continue reading

Kings Destroy Release Tour Trailer, Tour Begins Tonight With The Skull In London


New York doom rockers Kings Destroy embark on a tour of Europe tonight with The Skull. You can watch their tour trailer below: Continue reading

Psalm Zero – Stranger To Violence

Psalm Zero - Stranger To Violence cover ghostcultmag

What exactly is going on in New York? The city has a long musical history, of course, but in recent years it seems to have become a focus point for challenging, original and distinctive Heavy Metal. We’re not talking about some forced “scene” with three or four decent bands setting the tone for a horde of bland followers, either – though Psalm Zero share a certain spirit with their neighbours in Pyrrhon, Krallice and Artificial Brain, musically they’re as distinctive as those bands are from each other.

Not that the music on Stranger To Violence (Profound Lore) is especially easy to describe. The label blurb makes much of their Pop influence, but this is hardly the chorus-heavy cheese-fest that word may suggest – the song-writing somehow marries catchiness to a genuine sense of unease and strangeness. The Metal elements shouldn’t be overlooked, either – the use of synths often calls to mind the darker side of eighties Pop, but just when you think you’ve got them in a box they’ll shift to a surging bombast that has more in common with Emperor than Depeche Mode. The extremely sparse use of harsh vocals in the most aggressive sections create a real sense of dislocation, too, hitting with an impact that they lack in music which uses them more regularly. It’s Pop Metal, but nothing like any other band that’s been given that name before.

If the music is hard to describe, the aesthetic behind it is no less so. The artwork suggests urban dystopia, and though that is certainly present on tracks like ‘Real Rain’ and ‘Stolen By Night’, there’s also an undercurrent of dark fantasy and strangeness to it that can’t be described easily. It’s frequently as uplifting as it is sinister, as dark as it is catchy.

In a genre with so many offshoots and sub-types that it seems as though every possibility has been thoroughly explored, Psalm Zero have genuinely succeeded in carving their own little niche – and it’s a strange, fascinating little place indeed.



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