EP REVIEW: Eyes Of Perdition – Incendiary Truths

Eyes Of Perdition’s debut EP, Incendiary Truths (self-released) reveals much potential for the four-piece, but also leaves a lot to be desired as it seems as though the group is still finding their footing. Understood – of course – because they formed only in 2019.

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Audio: Adelitas Way- Getaway, Full Album Streaming

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Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way are gearing up for their release of their new album Getaway (The Vegas Syn/The Fuel Music) tomorrow, February 26th . To get yourself prepared, the band is streaming the album now at this link or below:



The band has already premiered singles such as the hard hitting, fun, and catchy lead track ‘Bad Reputation’. Front man and founder Rick DeJesus comments about the track:

I’ve always lived my life just being who I am, and really in the past few years in rock I’ve built a bit of a reputation for being myself. On tour I like to drink a little wine, smoke a little pot. Music is fun, and too many in the business take it far too seriously at times. I also don’t like to see people in the business constantly jumping off the rock bandwagon; I’ve heard heavy rock stations starting to play Bastille songs, so I spoke my mind. People say I’m uncontrollable, instead of taking accountability for what they are doing to help kill rock ‘n’ roll. Even live shows were filled with more rules from the venues down to the bands we toured with. It was bulls–t, and I hated what I was seeing happening to what was once the most rebellious group of humans I had ever seen. I have a bad reputation for not giving a f–k, always enjoying myself, and always being a advocate for rock ‘n’ roll till the end. I wrote the song because that’s who I am and how I feel.”



Pre-orders are live right now at the following links:



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