Life Of Agony’s “River Runs Red” Turns 25

Life Of Agony hit the music scene hard with their debut album River Runs Red on October 12th, 1993 via Roadrunner Records. They left a lasting impact that continues to reverberate today in the music world. Although they came from humble beggings in Brooklyn in the New York Hardcore scene, their release was a sensation that captured fans’ ears from all over the world. As one of the breakout bands from the crop of hugely influential Roadrunner releases that year that included Type O Negative, Sepultura, Fear Factory among others, they grew into an internationally known and loved band. Continue reading

Type O Negative’s Bloody Kisses Turns 25 Years Old

The early 1990s of metal were a veritable free for all. In the years preceding the Nu-Metal age, there was definitely a push back if you were trying to be unique and blending genres of metal in any way. If you were anything beyond a typical thrash or hardcore band, with a few exceptions (some death metal, Faith No More) you might have been shunned. In the case of Type O Negative, they didn’t just innovate and try new things, they kicked the goddamn door in and blew us all away. They never did this more than on 1993’s Bloody Kisses (Roadrunner) album. Mostly eschewing the straight up thrash hardcore of frontman Peter Steele’s previous band, Carnivore, Type O was a swampy, sexy mix of Black Sabbath doom riffs, Beatles melodies and The Cure meets Sisters of Mercy Goth rock. The sound would shift the landscape and make unlikely stars of arguably the greatest band to ever emerge from Brooklyn. Continue reading

Anicon Shares New Single – Drowned In The Mirage

Brooklyn black metal experimentalists Anicon have shared a new single,‘Drowned In The Mirage’. The track comes from their forthcoming new album, Entropy Mantra, due out on Vendetta Records on June 19th. The track is streaming at Decibel, so jam this loud!


Pre-order the album here:

Or here:

Entropy Mantra track listing:

Feeding Hand

Wither And Waste

Drowned in The Mirage

Names Written In Tar

Tarnish On The Emblems Of Ardor

Blood From A Road

Paling Terrain


Anicon are:

Guitar & Vocals – Nolan Voss (also of Pyrolatrous)

Guitar & Vocals – Owen Rundquist (also of Trenchgrinder)

Bass – Alexander DeMaria (also of Yellow Eyes)

Drums – Lev Weinstein (also of Woe, Pyrolatrous, Krallice, Geryon)