GHOST CULT PRESENTS: Mini-Metal Mixtape #18

Metal and Coffee’s Mini-Metal Mixtape, presented by Ghost Cult Magazine is back with another new episode! Time to get your weekly dose of an essential mix of the newest extreme music by essential bands, and a few classics baked in there too! In the latest edition of Mini-Metal Mixtape, curated by Ebonie Butler a.k.a, Metal & Coffee, she brings an eclectic array of bands The Altas Moth, Elder, Mars Red Sky, Aversions Crown, and Lo-Pan!

In her 12-year journey as an extreme metal DJ, Metal & Coffee has delved into the depths of the heavy music world to bring you a new mix each week. Metal & Coffee has been featured on Philadelphia’s most popular college radio station, WKDU 91.7 FM, and has also spent time as the resident New Releases DJ over on GIMME METAL. Stream the newest playlist right now!

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Aversions Crown And Psycroptic Book Co-headline Tour

Fellow Australian metal bands Aversions Crown and Psycroptic book a co-headline tour for Europe this winter. Direct support to come from Within Destruction, Hadal Maw as well as Hollow World. Aversions Crown is still supporting their 2017 album »Xenocide«, which released in January of 2017. Watch the tour trailer now.

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Carnifex, The Faceless, Oceano, Sikth, John Frum And More Lead This Weekend’s Complexity Fest

Taking over The Netherlands this weekend, Complexity Fest brings together the best in deathcore, death metal, progressive and other kinds of extreme music under one roof kicks off tonight. Running at the venerable Patronaat hall in Haarlem, NL, Complexity Fest features Carnifex, The Faceless, Oceano, Sikth, John Frum, Aversions Crown, Dodecahedrone, Blanck Mass, Dodheimsgard, Vola, Three Trapped Tigers, and many more. Tickets are on sale now at the link below.Continue reading

Make Them Suffer – Worlds Apart

There is definitely something in the air, or maybe even in the water, this year as many bands across all sub genres of rock and metal are changing their sounds and perspectives. One such band is Australian Deathcore outfit Make Them Suffer on their new record Worlds Apart (Rise).Continue reading

Aversions Crown – Xenocide

The subgenre known as deathcore has become quite crowded over the years with new bands by the boatload popping up all over the globe. Having said that, Australia’s own Aversions Crown are one of the middle-wave to sprout after the likes of Suicide Silence and Whitechapel laid the foundation in the mid-to-late 2000s. AC’s latest album, Xenocide (Nuclear Blast), comes out on Inauguration Day in the US, so it is befitting to have an album with such a title be released on such an occasion.Continue reading

Thy Art Is Murder, Aversions Crown, Feed Her To the Sharks and Earth Rot Confirm Tour

thy art is murder euro uk tour

Thy Art is Murder, Aversions Crown, Feed Her To The Sharks and Earthrot will be taking part of The Australian Takeover Tour, following the cancellation of the Mosh Lives Tour. Thy Art Is Murder will be releasing their new album Holy War on June 30, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

May 02: Impericon Fest – Leipzig (DE) (Thy Art Is Murder only)
May 03: Impericon Fest – Amsterdam (NL) (Thy Art Is Murder only)
May 04: Logo – Hamburg (DE)
May 05: Kulturhuset – Orebro (SE)
May 07: Fangelset – Gothenburg (SE)
May 08: KB18 – Copenhagen (DK)
May 09: Alter Schlachthof – Lingen (DE)
May 10: Four Rooms – Leipzig (DE)
May 11: Chemiefabrik – Dresden (DE)
May 12: Blue Hell – Budapest (HU)
May 13: Viper Room – Wien (AT)
May 14: Circolo Svolta – Milan (IT)
May 15: Dynamo – Zurich (SW)
May 16: CCO – Lyon (FR)
May 17: Trix – Antwerp (BE)
May 18: Schwimmbad – Heidelberg (DE)
May 19: Glazart – Paris (FR)
May 20: Sub89 – Reading (UK)
May 21: Marble Factory – Bristol (UK)
May 22: Garage 2 – Glasgow (UK)
May 23: Slam Dunk – Leeds (UK) (Thy Art Is Murder only)
May 24: Slam Dunk – Hatfield (UK) (Thy Art Is Murder only)
May 25: Slam Dunk – Wolverhampton (UK) (Thy Art Is Murder only)

Europe and UK, we are excited to announce our final tour before Holy War is released. Coming with us next month is…

Posted by Thy Art Is Murder on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thy Art Is Murder, Aversions Crown and Feed Her To The Sharks Euro Tour In The Works?

Photo Credit: Hillarie Jason

Due to Emmure’s cancellation of their Mosh Lives Tour, Thy Art is Murder have moved ahead to piecing together an upcoming European tour of their own with Aversions Crown and Feed Her To The Sharks, with dates expected to be made public soon. They are supporting their forthcoming album Holy War, out in June via Nuclear Blast. The band commented on their forthcoming trek:

As emmure had to cancel their upcoming European tour due to illness, a lot of fans were asking what happened to the rest…

Posted by Thy Art Is Murder on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aversions Crown – Tyrant

Aversions Crown already have a solid recent history of writing some absolutely bone crunching tunes – and throughout Tyrant (Nuclear Blast) they’ve absolutely continued with that form. From the off, the brutal riffs, extreme vocals and the absolute machine like precision of the drumming holds together to make a phenomenal sound. It has been an exceptionally strong couple of years for the Death and Extreme Metal scene, and this album does more than enough to be included in that conversation.

Perhaps the most interesting feature across the album is the band’s ability to slightly tweak their sound here and there with the view of trying to bring something fresh to the sound and introducing a whole new level. The opening track ‘Hollow Planet’ is more of what you’d expect from Aversions Crown, with riffs and solos played out at neck breaking speeds and a passionate vocal delivery, but as second track, ‘The Glass Sentinent’, progresses the band slow it down a notch and instead of the constant barrage of chaos, you get a more technical, heavier sound.

You’ll find yourself comparing some of the more calculated methodical moments to the likes of Meshuggah because it has that same feel to it. There is definitely an Industrial tinge to their approach as well; especially from Jayden behind the kit who delivers some absolutely mind boggling blast beats. What they’re doing isn’t groundbreaking enough to shake up the scene entirely, but they do what they do extremely well and points only to a potentially very bright future for the Aussies.

It often sounds clichéd, but this is also an album which really grows with each listen. It is through repeated listens, you are able to appreciate some of those intricate details in the music but the power of some of these tracks and with reports of excellent recent live shows, Aversions Crown are well and truly on the front line, fighting the cause for Australian Metal at the moment.


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