Laster Shares New Single, “Haat & bonhomie”, New Album Due Next Month

Enigmatic Dutch experimental black metal trio Laster had dropped a new single, ‘Haat & bonhomie’, which you can head below! The bands’ new album Het Wassen Oog releases via Prophecy Productions label April 5th. The band will celebrate the release of the album at Roadburn Festival 2019 with two appearances on April 13th, first for as part of the project Maalstroom with a commissioned piece and later with their own set, where “an eye of wax” is going to drip on the audience. Crazy. Check out the new track right now!

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Anicon Shares New Single – Drowned In The Mirage

Brooklyn black metal experimentalists Anicon have shared a new single,‘Drowned In The Mirage’. The track comes from their forthcoming new album, Entropy Mantra, due out on Vendetta Records on June 19th. The track is streaming at Decibel, so jam this loud!


Pre-order the album here:

Or here:

Entropy Mantra track listing:

Feeding Hand

Wither And Waste

Drowned in The Mirage

Names Written In Tar

Tarnish On The Emblems Of Ardor

Blood From A Road

Paling Terrain


Anicon are:

Guitar & Vocals – Nolan Voss (also of Pyrolatrous)

Guitar & Vocals – Owen Rundquist (also of Trenchgrinder)

Bass – Alexander DeMaria (also of Yellow Eyes)

Drums – Lev Weinstein (also of Woe, Pyrolatrous, Krallice, Geryon)