Avengers Endgame Actor Jeremy Renner Streams New Song – “Heaven Don’t Have A Name”

Academy Award-winning actor known for blockbusters (Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame, The Hurt Locker, The Town) Jeremy Renner is breaking into music as a singer! He quietly began releasing music in 2018 and has apparently been a Pop/Rock singer for years. After releasing a cover of The Animals House of The Rising Son last year, he just released a new single ‘Heaven Don’t Have A Name’, and updated version of an older song. Check out the track now! Continue reading

Captain Marvel Film Features Nirvana, Garbage, Hole, Elastica, Heart, R.E.M., and More!

Captain Marvelfinally came out last weekend to smash success, shattering first week expectations. Set in the 1990s the film features an amazing soundtrack to match the film full of pop culture references like Blockbuster Videos, Gameboys, Troll Dolls and that dope vintage Nine Inch Nails shirt (the band is now selling a collabo item). In addition to the Elastica hit song ‘Connection’ heard in the trailer, the film features memorable 1990s tracks by megastars Nirvana, Garbage, Hole, Beck, R.E.M., Salt N Pepper featuring En Vogue, TLC, and No Doubt. The film also features other artists like Heart, Lita Ford, The Hunting Party, The Marvelettes in addition to The Captain MarvelOfficial Soundtrack Album score by Pinar Toprak. No word yet if the popular songs will be released as a soundtrack yet. The next film in the MCU series from Disney/Marvel Studios isAvengers: Endgame next month.

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