Antimozdebeast Cooks a Delicious Dinner on the New Episode of Brutally Delicious

Brutally Delicious, from metal chef, filmmaker, and podcaster Bruce Moore, is the long-running cooking show where bands cook their favorite dishes at home. The latest episode features industrial noise artist Antimozdebeast, cooking up a dish of “The Pasta of your Dreams” a.k.a. Chicken Pasta and plays a song for fans! Watch the video below and take some notes on the fill ingredients list. AntiMozdeBeast will release their new full-length album, The Red River this spring on Bandcamp and is for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, The Body, Author & Punisher, and more! Continue reading

Tool Books Additional Dates for Their US Tour

Tool has added further tour dates following on their current dates. They will now perform at west coast venues in Spokane, Portland, Eugene, and Boise, with the full details below. The band is performing tonight (1/21) in Austin, Texas at Frank Erwin Center. Author & Punisher is currently opening for Tool, but no word if the band will continue to open these extra dates. Tickets for the new shows go on sale on Friday, January 24. Continue reading

Brutal Assault 2020 Adds Cattle Decapitation, Fever333, Katatonia, Life of Agony and More!

Brutal Assault has added a plethora of new bands for 2020! Among the new bands playing the festival include Cattle Decapitation, Fever333, Katatonia, Life of Agony, Shadow of Intent, Fueled By Fire, Katatonia, Psykup, Mysticum, and Imperial Triumphant. The twenty-fifth edition of Brutal Assault Festival takes place August 5 – 8th at historic Fortress Josefov, in Czech Republic and will feature 130+ bands on five stages over four days. Watch a new trailer for the fest right now! Continue reading

Cradle of Filth, Static-X, Kvelertak, Havok, While She Sleeps and More Added to Brutal Assault 2020

Brutal Assault has added twenty more bands for their 25th anniversary in 2020. Now joining the bill (in alphabetical order) are 1914, Arcturus, Author & Punisher, Beyond Creation, Cradle Of Filth, Draconis Infernum, Frontierer, Havok, Kvelertak, Mass Infection, Me And That Man, Necrophobic, Ottone Pesante, Pensées Nocturnes, Ring Of Saturn, Sigh, Static–X, Toxic Holocaust, Vader, and While She Sleeps. Brutal Assault 25 takes place August 5-8, 2020at the legendary Fortress Josefov and boasts 140+ bands on four days over five stages. Tickets and full band list below. Continue reading

GosT Announces New Album – “Valediction”, Tour Dates Incoming

Synthwave artists GosT have announced their new album will be called Valediction, and will be out on October 4th, 2019 via Century Media. The band is currently on tour 3TEETH and Author & Punisher, and have upcoming dates supporting Mayhem and Gaahls Wyrd. More information including formats available and preorders will follow soon. For the recording, mix and mastering of Valediction, GosT worked with Jaime Gomez Arellano who worked with the likes of Paradise Lost, Solstafir, Primordial, Myrkur and many more.  Continue reading

Author & Punisher – Beastland

In every genre of music, there are true artists that push boundaries and stand out from the crowd. In the industrial metal world, Tristan Shone’s Author & Punisher is doing just that. His latest release, Beastland (Relapse), is a continuation of the evolution of what industrial metal can be. Tristan is a mechanical engineer who built his own instruments that have expanded and evolved over the course of his discography as has the material he has written. This fact alone puts Author & Punisher really in a genre of its own. Continue reading

October 5th 2018 New Music Releases

Check out all of today’s new releases in the music world! Continue reading

Roadburn Festival Kicks Off Today, John Baizley Of Baroness Curates The Weekend


The Roadburn Festival, the world première event for all things heavy, diverse, avant-garde, and underground begins today in Tilburg, NL  at various venues, under the watchful eye of founder Walter Hoeijmakers. John Dyer Baizley of Baroness curates this years’ fest and performs with his band as well. The fest is nearly a sellout with some limited tickets available for Sunday. Full details below. Continue reading

Roadburn Adds Whores, Integrity, Bongnzilla, Oathbreaker, Cobalt, Disfear, Trans AM And More

Whores, by Photography

Whores, by Jonathan Arevalo Photography

This year’s Roadburn Festival just gets better and better. The fest has now added twenty new bands such as Whores, Integrity, Cobalt, Bongnzilla, Disfear, Big Business, Trans AM and more. More details below: Continue reading

YOB – Black Cobra – Lord Almighty – Sea Of Bones: at Brighton Music Hall


While the fall progresses forward and nature around us slowly dies leading up to another New England winter, nothing seems as appropriate as that of a doom metal show. The Brighton Music Hall was once again the site of another memorable show, this time consisting of Sea of Bones, Lord Almighty, Black Cobra, and YOB. The show was so heavy that I was able to go next door for a slice of pizza and know when a band was sound checking and then playing just from how hard the walls were vibrating. The only downside to such a low-end rich show is the drive home when all I wanted to do was go to sleep from the therapeutic doom riffs felt all night.

Sea of Bones, by Hillarie Jason

Sea of Bones, by Hillarie Jason

Sea of Bones kicked off the night to which I can only say was jaw dropping. Previously, I had never heard anything by the group, but was pleasantly surprised with how heavy they got. A nice mix of doom, drone, sludge, and dashes of Neurosis as well as Author & Punisher all came to mind while experiencing Sea of Bones for the first time. I will certainly be catching Sea of Bones the next time I can.

Lord Almighty, by Hillarie Jason

Lord Almighty, by Hillarie Jason

Local heroes, Lord Almighty, came on next and showcased as much of their full-length début album, Paths, as they could in their relatively short set. The progressive black metal outfit certainly made new fans this evening from all the doom fans in-house for YOB and Sea of Bones as well as the fans who like it a bit faster such as Black Cobra. Boston, once again, can be proud knowing that the city keeps pumping out some seriously fun and interesting heavy metal bands.

Black Cobra, by Hillarie Jason

Black Cobra, by Hillarie Jason

Similar to Sea of Bones, I had never given Black Cobra the time of day, but had heard their name in passing. Regardless of my ignorance to this band, I quickly became a fan of their up tempo doom riffs and pounding drumming. Also, the sound that is generated out of just these two musicians was truly amazing. From down the street you would anticipate that the band playing had five or six guys with multiple guitarists, let alone one guitarist/vocalist and a drummer. Also adding into the instant fan spell that was placed on me, I found Black Cobra to be quite similar to a long time favorite of mine in High on Fire.

YOB, by Hillarie Jason

YOB, by Hillarie Jason

Just when I thought the night could not get any better, out came the guys from YOB to absolutely crush my soul. This having been my third time seeing the Oregon doom threesome this year, I had a good feel of what to expect on the set list. Staple opener, ‘Ball of Molten Lead’ got all heads banging together. ‘In Our Blood’ and ‘Marrow’ were also in the rotation as per the usual off of their latest (and maybe greatest), Clearing the Path to Ascend (Neurot). Some may call it a little much, but I could honestly see YOB live again between now and February 2016 even if that makes it four times in a calendar year. There is just something else that YOB delivers that no other doom bands seem to have. Regardless, another amazing night for heavy music in the Brighton/Allston area which could not make me any happier!

YOB, by Hillarie Jason

YOB, by Hillarie Jason


YOB, by Hillarie Jason

YOB, by Hillarie Jason

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