ALBUM REVIEW: Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron

It”s been four years since Eternal Champion unleashed The Armor Of Ire in 2016, but the hype has only intensified with their sophomore full-length. Ravening Iron (No Remorse Records) continues the Austin group”s Epic Metal aspirations as the coarse but melodic guitar work casts a dungeon friendly atmosphere and the vocals forever echo Manilla Road”s Mark Shelton (RIP) with their nasally yet bombastic character. Thankfully, there are enough alternate approaches explored that keep this album from feeling like a retread. Continue reading

Scour Cover Pantera’s “Slaughtered” In Austin

Scour performed two shows in Texas over the weekend, and they had a special surprise in store for their fans in Austin. Not only did they perform a ton of new stuff off their Red EP, but they performed two specials covers as well. Continue reading

Mammoth Grinder Streaming New Song – “Superior Firepower”

Mammoth Grinder has now confirmed that their new album, Cosmic Crypt, will be hitting stores on January 26th via Relapse Records. The genre-bashing Texan trio comprised of members of Power Trip and Iron Reagan previously said that the new record “will surely be our filthiest one yet,” and judging by their brand new single, they weren’t lying. Continue reading