Metallica to Perform At Northern California Wildfire Relief Benefit Concert


Metallica is currently out on the European leg of their ‘WorldWired’ tour, but they will be returning to the Bay Area next month to perform a very special show. Continue reading

Metallica Teams Up With The San Francisco Giants For The Fifth Year In A Row

Metallica took over AT&T Park last night for the fifth annual “Metallica Night” with the San Francisco Giants. Just like previous years, Lars threw out the first pitch, James and Kirk performed The Star-Spangled Banner, and they had giveaways for fans throughout the game. Continue reading

Metallica – Cage The Elephant: Live at CBS Radio’s The Night Before


Super Bowl 50. A milestone. An epic event. Set in the San Francisco area, Super Bowl 50 promised to be a once in a lifetime experience. The huddled masses of the Bay Area wanted, no.. needed, a halftime show of equally epic proportions. A young man from Ohio had a brilliant idea. Why not allow a local band to perform at the halftime show? Jason Long started a petition to get Metallica, a local band with a good 35-year history in San Francisco, to play the Super Bowl. Metallica songs are anthems played in sporting stadiums around the country anyway. Jason’s petition quickly caught the eye of media outlets everywhere including Metallica and the NFL. But alas, after 63,925 signatures it was not to be. Much to the chagrin of everyone, Coldplay was chosen. But never fear. Metallica was so well chuffed by the idea, they rented out AT &T Park in downtown San Francisco and created CBS Radio’s The Night Before. Fans rejoiced! A full Metallica show with no time constraints or auto-tune.Continue reading

Video: Metallica Play CBS Radio’s The Night Before, Promise New Album In 2016

The Night Before Metallica live stream ghostcultmag

Metallica played their first show of 2016 last night, headlining CBS Radio’s The Night Before event live for AT&T Park. You can watch the entire concert at this link or below:

Dubbing the show “To Heavy For Halftime”, the concert was the warm up to Super Bowl 50, played at the bands hometown stadium in San Francisco Sunday night.In addition to the sold-out crowd of 41,195, the event live streamed so that hundred’s of thousands of fans around the world could watch the show at either Metallica’s website or on YouTube. Cage The Elephant was the opening act. The band played a mainly old-school set drawing heavily from the 80s, and Load and Reload from the mid-90s, with nothing from an album past the year 1999. At the end of the concert drummer Lars Ulrich promised the band would see you real soon with a new album in 2016. Earlier in the night frontman James Hetfield claimed the album was “almost done”. Metallica’s last album release was 2009’s Death Magnetic.

too heavy for halftime




rob and Kirk for one

lars and james

Set list:

Intro (The Ecstasy Of Gold)

Creeping Death

For Whom The Bell Tolls


King Nothing

Ride The Lightening

Kirk Guitar solo 1 (Bleeding Me into)

The Unforgiven

The Memory Remains

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Sad But True

Robert Bass Solo

Wherever I May Roam


Master of Puppets


Jam/Kirk solo 2 (w/ Hero Of The Day into)

Fade To Black

Seek And Destroy


Whiskey In The Jar (Thin Lizzy cover)

Nothing Else Matters

Enter Sandman


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Metallica To Stream Entire Concert From CBS Radio’s The Night Before Event

The Night Before Metallica live stream ghostcultmag

Metallica is playing their first show of 2016 Saturday night, and they are headlining CBS Radio’s The Night Before event, in their hometown of San Francisco. They will stream the entire concert live free 1080p FullHD stream live from AT&T Park, available on mobile and desktop devices at, delivered by The show is the warm up to Super Bowl 50 this Sunday night. Direct support will come from Cage The Elephant. Metallica will take the stage at approximately 8:30 pm PST. Fans can watch the show live for free and pre-order professionally mixed audio recordings of the show as downloads and collectible CDs from the band, as they do with every concert.

Metallica 2016

Metallica, photo courtesy of BB Gun Press

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich commented:

“We can’t wait to play our first show of 2016 and there’s nowhere we’d rather kick off the festivities than in our own backyard. Even though the show has been sold out for months, Metallica fans around the world will be able to join in on the madness.” founder and CEO Brad Sterling also commented on the event:

“We’ve released audio recordings of every Metallica show for the past 12 years at, so naturally we’re excited to deliver the band’s first live HD stream from their hometown on their own web site.”




Metallica online

Metallica on Twitter

Metallica on Facebook

Metallica on Instagram

Metallica on YouTube


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