NOÊTA is a duo based between Norway and Sweden and consisting of multi-instrumentalists Ândris and Êlea, the latter of whom also provides vocals. Their music is an intriguing hybrid of dark folk and dark ambient styles, with just a hint of black metal seeping in around the edges.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Demon Head – Viscera


With the release of their fourth full-length, Demon Head has gone from a particularly rustic Occult Doom band to full-on Goth Rock with a few sparse Doom elements. Glossy guitars and Robert Smith-esque vocals among other elements became prominent with 2019’s Hellfire Ocean Void and Viscera (Metal Blade Records) pushes them to an even further extent. But while this album should feel like the culmination of a well-realized evolution, the results are those of an unfortunately awkward misstep.

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EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Monte Luna – “Drowners’ Wives”

Ghost Cult kicks off today hosting the full album stream by atmospheric Doom metal band Monte Luna, Drowners’ Wives , due out on Argonauta records later this week on October 4th! The bands’ style sits at the crux of sludgey riffing and mysticism that puts them squarely in the crosshairs of metal fans and their playlists for several years. Crushing, thicc riffs and stomping beats await you, and the band definitely adds unique elements that makes this Austin, Texas crew standout from the rest of the doom/sludge pack! Musically, the new album represents a new pinnacle for them, with a growth that has been impressive to see and hear over three previous releases time. Turn it up to 11, burn a fatty, and jam out to this beast of an album right now!Continue reading

Falls of Rauros – Patterns in Mythology

Not sure what seems to be reverberating in the extreme music world, but it seems like the hills are alive with the sound pf atmospheric Black Metal these days. Just speaking out of personal experience this is my third week of being charged with reviewing an artsy and multi-dimensional take of the tried and tested subgenre. This time around it’s Falls of Rauros with their new album Patterns in Mythology (Gilead Media).Continue reading


Ghost Cult is proud to bring you the full album stream of the self-titled debut album from Bather. Absolutely filthy, atmospheric, thinking-man’s hardcore music that holds you down and caves your eardrums in because they can. Not just heavy for heaviness sake, this album has all kinds of subtle melodic guitar earworms that stay with you long after it’s over. Jam out to Bather right now!Continue reading

Helpless – Debt

Running at around the 22-minute mark you’d be forgiven for thinking that Debt by Helpless (Holy Roar) would be somewhat light on the ground. You’d be wrong, what’s on offer is in fact incredibly densely packed and utterly intense assault on the senses. From opening track ‘Worth’ until the last track ‘Denied Sale’ there is one of the rawest and intense musical experiences I’ve heard in a long while. Simply put if this album was any longer it could be legitimately dangerous. Continue reading

Sunn O))) & Ulver – Terrestrials (EP)


Few albums in the past few years could have generated the hype that has surrounded Terrestrials (Southern Lord). When a pairing with such pedigree as drone lords Sunn O))) and Norwegian experimental band Ulver come together to create a collaboration it’s hard not to expect an album of monolithic proportions. While this would often leave albums buckling under overbearing expectations, Terrestrials transcends the hype. This is not just the amalgamation of the two different ideas and artists but a story told through a melding of brilliant minds. Sunn O)))’s dark chasmic wall of noise is given new life by Ulver’s more poignant atmospheric flourishes that together lead the listener through a vast and dark soundscape.

Coming in at just three songs and thirty-six minutes long, there is no space for waste on this album, every lingering note is considered, every flutter from a trumpet or tremolo string section precisely placed. Each song explores different elements; ‘Let there be Light’ gently builds to devastating crescendo that runs down the spine, while ‘Western Horn’ opens out the low end with horns to enact ancient rites and resurfaces old gods. It is ‘Eternal Return’ though that is the real masterpiece in Terrestrials, scaling both the icy heights with shimmers that scatter over cavernous bass in a way that echoes rises and falls the Earth itself. The album unfolds slowly, lazy notes that enclose worlds of sound that can only be excavated through endless listening. This is not the simple mantra of catchy music laying out their wares on the first listen, but an investment that rewards the listener with every replay.


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Caitlin Smith