Static Tension – Ashes To Animation

There are some great ideas and passages on Static Tension’sAshes To Animation (Buried By Sky). A marriage of Grunge, Alternative Rock, elements of Prog and a smattering of Stoner and Trouble’d Doom, the bands’ first full-length is an interesting proposition; a hotchpotch of ideas pulled in from The Doors to Metallica, but mainly operating a Progressive Grunge arena. Continue reading

GUEST POST: Greg and Rob Of Static Tension – Best Albums of 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, Greg Blachman and Rob Rom of Static Tension took some time to collectively reflect on their Top 10 releases of the year. The below are their picks, listed in no particular order.Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Static Tension – “Blank Silhouette”

We’ve followed the career of Ohio rockers Static Tension closely, and have always come away impressed. Heavy and modern, the band brings their influences (Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, AIC, Mastodon) together and creates something timeless. Their full-length debut, Ashes To Animation, is releasing next month, Check out their new song ‘Blank Silhouette’, only at Ghost Cult!Continue reading