ALBUM REVIEW: Revocation – Netherheaven


To say that Revocation has another banger on deck seems a bit obvious, right?

Speaking only from this author’s perspective this Boston unit has never fumbled the ball on a studio album. Dispute that amongst yourselves in the comment section, just don’t tag me along in your spirited debates. Last thing I need are more notifications via my phone. So, the point is Netherheaven (Metal Blade) may as well be subtitled “Revocation continues to be awesome and David Davidson is more talented than you, will never run out of riffs and can make out with your special lady friend whenever they like”.Continue reading

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Decibel’s Metal & Beer Fest 2019

Decibel Magazine’s Decibel Metal & Beer Fest was, to put it simply, stacked. Fourteen bands across all variants of Death, Grindcore, Prog, and Doom, descended onto Orange County for a weekend of heart-pounding jubilation. The two-day event was held this year at The Observatory, a large yet paradoxically intimate standing-room-only venue, intelligently designed to put the audience at three different heights across the entire space, offering uninhibited views of the stage beyond the perils of the pit.Continue reading

Dave Davidson Of Revocation Talks New Album, Shred And Lovecraft

David Davidson of Revocation is one of our favorite people in all of metal. We have followed his entire career, and you will be hard pressed to find a person this talented that is also humble and cool. We caught up with Dave at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York to chat with him about the brand new album The Outer Ones, releasing from Metal Blade Records on September 28th. We talked about the decidedly brutal death metal sound of the new album, working with producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris, H.P. Lovecraft and Tom Strom‘s insane artwork, Dave’s guitar practice regimen, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, and more. Interview by Keefy with videography by Omar Cordy of OJC Photography.Continue reading

Revocation – Great Is Our Sin

Revocation – Great Is Our Sin metal blade ghostcultmag

Formed in 2000, Boston act Revocation have come along way since starting life under the rather uninspiring name of Cryptic Warning. Sounding like a particularly vicious blend of Sepultura and Pantera, the band were already exhibiting great technical skill, but changing both their direction and name in 2006 took things to the next level. Two years later they unleashed their début album, the self-released Empire of the Obscene, and the transformation was astonishing.

Effortlessly combining Technical Death Metal and Thrash, the band released four more albums, each one just as blistering as the last, but moving forwards each time, adding more melodic, Jazz, and traditional metal aspects along the way without losing any of their signature attack.

Now, there comes a time when after a number of well-received releases, a band will eventually feel a backlash. Well, if Revocation are to be on the end of such a thing, then it certainly won’t be with this album as Great is Our Sin (Metal Blade) is every bit as good as their previous five albums. Picking a highlight is a ridiculously difficult task as virtually everything hits the mark perfectly, but listen out for the Steve Vai-esque guitar solo on ‘Monolithic Ignorance’, Brett Bamberger‘s bass line at the beginning of ‘Crumbling Imperium’, and the drums on, well… everything. Anyone concerned about 3 Inches of Blood drummer Ash Pearson not being up to the task of stepping into the formidable shoes of Phil Dubois-Coyne can stop worrying right now.

The guitar work here is sensational; Dan Gargiulo and vocalist/founder member David Davidson utilising many different styles to get their point across without ever feeling forced or awkward. Oh, and just when you think it can’t get any better, here comes Marty Friedman with a guest spot on the quite brilliant ‘The Exaltation’.

Being overly critical, it could be said that Zeuss‘s production maybe isn’t quite as crisp as it could be, and although well played, the cover of ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ by Slayer is exactly what it is – a bonus track. Overall though, Great Is Our Sin is yet another triumph by Revocation. A thundering wall of sound replete with Jazz breaks, virtuoso solos, inhuman vocals, and an abundance of influences. Everyone from Iron Maiden and Testament to Gojira, Cynic and Gorguts and in between. And more.



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Revocation Books Headline Tour, Names New Drummer

revocation cannibis corpse tour admat

Revocation has announced they will be hitting the road this fall for a headline tour. Playing 26 shows in 30 days, support will come from Cannabis Corpse, Archspire and Black Fast. Starting in Rhode Island and ending with a home town show in Boston at Great Scott on October 3rd, this is the first headline tour for the band since the release of Deathless (Metal Blade) in 2014. The band is also appearing at next month’s Heavy Montreal Festival on August 7th and will also appear at September’s Full Terror Assault Festival.

Ash Pearson (3 Inches of Blood) has also been named as the bands new drummer, following the departure of founding member Phil DuBois.

Pearson commented on joining Revocation:

I am very honoured to be joining Revocation. Phil is a good friend of mine and I feel privileged to have his blessing and to be his successor. I take seriously the challenge to keep the caliber of this band high and look forward to continuing the legacy of Revocation.


Revocation tour dates:

Aug 07: Heavy Montreal – Montreal, QC
Revocation with Cannabis Corpse, Archspire, and Black Fast
Sept 03: Dusk – Providence, RI*
Sept 04: Studio @ Webster Hall – New York, NY
Sept 05: Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
Sept 06: Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
Sept 08: Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
Sept 09: Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
Sept 10: Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
Sept 11: Full Terror Assault Fest – Cave in Rock, IL**
Sept 12: Rail Club – Ft Worth, TX
Sept 13: Walter’s On Washington – Houston, TX
Sept 14: Dirty Dog – Austin, TX
Sept 16: Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
Sept 17: Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
Sept 18: Mystery Box – Los Angeles, CA
Sept 19: Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA
Sept 20: Analog Cafe – Portland, OR
Sept 21: Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
Sept 22: Red Room – Vancouver, BC
Sept 24: Starlite – Edmonton, CAN
Sept 25: Riddell Center – Regina, SK
Sept 26: Windsor Hotel – Winnipeg, MB
Sept 27: Skyway Theater Studio B – Minneapolis, MN
Sept 29: Shelter – Detroit, MI
Sept 30: Hard Luck – Toronto, ON***
Oct 01: Maverick’s – Ottawa, ON***
Oct 02: La Source – Quebec City, QC***
Oct 03: Great Scott – Boston, MA***
* = Revocation Only
**= Revocation & Cannabis Corpse Only
***= No Cannabis Corpse