Watch Front-Row Video of KEN Mode’s Entire Recent Set in Portland


Long-running Canadian Sludge/Noise band KEN Mode is currently on tour supporting their 2022 album Null (Artoffact Records) as well as their just released surprise single “Painless” – streaming now at Bandcamp! Captured at High Water Mark in Portland, Oregon by YouTuber Cell Arts (definitely go subscribe to his channel) the band slayed the crowd with an incredible nearly hour-long set. Catch them soon as one of the pinnacles acts at the upcoming Roadburn Festival next Month!


Set list – via

A Love Letter

Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should

Counter Culture Complex

Lost Grip

The Illusion of Dignity



Feathers & Lips

No Gentle Art

Check out our 2022 interview with Jesse of KEN Mode:

INTERVIEW: Jesse Matthewson of KEN Mode Discusses “Null”



INTERVIEW: Jesse Matthewson of KEN Mode Discusses “Null”


Like a deadly, grizzled beast that lurks in the shadows, KEN Mode emerges every few years with a new record, tearing off limbs as it goes, before skulking back into its pit. With September 23rd seeing the release of Null, on Artoffact Records — the band’s eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Loved — founder and singer/guitarist Jesse Matthewson talks about the new record and what keeps the KEN Mode fires burning. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: GGGOLDDD – This Shame Should Not Be Mine

GGGOLDDD, based in the Netherlands, have for the past decade been releasing material that defies genre conventions and blurs the boundaries between all manner of musical styles, from Metal, to post-Punk, to Pop, to Trip-Hop. Their fifth full-length release, This Shame Should Not Be Mine (Artoffact Records) is based around deeply personal themes to vocalist Milena Eva, who uses this record, conceived during the 2020 lockdown, to address traumatic events including sexual assault.

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INTERVIEW: GGGOLDDD – The Ghost Cult Magazine Interview

TW for rape, sexual assault, violence, and ptsd.

Ghost Cult chatted with Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone of the Dutch band GGGOLDDD to discuss their new album This Shame Should Not Be Mine due out on April 1st, 2022 via Artoffact Records. The pair spent time with us discussing the inspiration for the new album, how they created the album during the early part of the pandemic, their experiences with Roadburn Festival, performing there in the past, being chosen as guest curators for 2022, working with festival founder Walter Hoeijmakers, their plans to perfrom the entire new album live, touring and much more.

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GGGOLDDD Shares New Single and Video “Invisible”

GGGOLDDD will release their new album This Shame Should Not Be Mine, out on April 1st, 2022 via Artoffact Records and can be pre-ordered at the link below. As previously reported, the band has been chosen as the curator of Roadburn Festival. The band has just released a killer new single “Invisible” along with a new video you can watch now! Continue reading

Artoffact Records Shares a Sampler ft. GGGOLDDD, Kælan Mikla, ValHall, Kanga, Cloud Rat and More

The awesome label Artoffact Records had a big 2021 and are looking forward to 2022. Check out this sampler from the label featuring tracks from GGGOLDDD (curating a program at Roadburn), Kælan Mikla featuring Alcest, ValHall, Kanga, Cloud Rat and more!

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Kælan Mikla Announces New Album – “Undir Köldum Norðurljósum”

Icelandic Synth Punks Kælan Mikla has announced their new album – Undir Köldum Norðurljósum, due out September 29th via Artoffact Records. Pre-orders are live for a variety of formats now. The band is already streaming the first two singles, “Ósýnileg” and “Sólstöður” which you can hear below. The album also features a collaboration with French Black Metal/Shoegaze legends Alcest – “Hvítir Sandar.” One of our most anticipated albums for the rest of 2021, check out we are excited to

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Cloud Rat Drops Their New Single – “Mother Tongue – Glitter Belly”

Anarcho Grind punks Cloud Rat have dropped a new single as part of Adult Swim’s 2021 Singles series and it’s a banger! After a series of experimental songs, “Mother Tongue – Glitter Belly” features a more straight-ahead classic Cloud Rat sound! We’re hoping for some new Cloud Rat new album news soon. In the meantime, buy this song from their Bandcamp page, and jam it out!

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Artoffact Records Offers a Pay “What You Want Sale” for Coronavirus Aid Sale

One of the best underground labels in the world, Artoffact Records his home to killer bands such as Cloud Rat, Kælan Mikla, OvO, Kanga, SPECTRES, Front Line Assembly, VALHALL, Horrible Youth, Sólveig Matthildur, Ritual Dictates, ACTORS and more. With the rash of cancellation due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the livelihoods of not just the label, but all these cool bands are affected. The label is offering a pay what you want sale on Bandcamp right now, but surely if you can support, purchase and pay more than less, that would rule! If you can’t discover some new bands, and spin these albums, and share them with your friends. Anything helps so please, give what you can.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Cloud Rat – Pollinator

Cloud Rat has something to say, and if you’re not willing to lend an ear they’re just going to play louder and faster until they get your attention. No, there are rarely any moments that allow for you to catch your breath on Pollinator (Artoffact Records) so know from the rip that these Michiganders intend to keep your head submerged in gray waters for about thirty minutes. Continue reading