Ben Weinman Expands His Vision for Party Smasher Inc.



Ben Weinman was already one of the busiest guys in heavy music, but now his dance card will be filled to the max. What originally started out as a vanity label for is now going to be a fully-fledged “one-stop portal for musicians, photographers, illustrators, fashion designers and industry mavericks of all stripes.”, according to the Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist and resident stage destroyer.


As reported by, Weinman has been cultivating this idea for sometime, and just needed to put the wheels in motion:



“I was well into my twenties, with a college degree and a corporate job, playing music with no intention of generating money or some massive fanbase,” explains Weinman. “Before I had even realized it, I was making 100% of my living creating art. How did this happen? Because we ignored the ‘rules.’ It wasn’t until I started living my artistic life with that mindset that I became a responsible creator — one who could move people through honest expression. And that is what Party Smasher Inc. is all about. We are here to celebrate the artists that are following their own path, undeterred by the trends.”


This continues an upward trend of artists driven collectives, either creatively or in management roles in the current scene. As bands age, die out, or plain run out of steam with fans; it’s great to see people in the business get creative when it comes to their future and ensuring a career beyond albums and tours. Bands dudes used to (and still do) flock to studio and record label jobs, but those are drying up and going away. Look for more of these ventures to pop up in marketing, management, fashion, and new media soon.

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Live photo by Meg Loyal Photography