Audio – Iwrestledabearonce – Erase It All (Featuring Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence)


Iwrestledabearonceare streaming a new song “Erase It All”, featuring Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida on guest vocals off their upcoming Artery Recordings debut Hail Mary, out June 16, 2015. The record marks the debut of new guitarist Mike Stringer.

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Interview: Mike Milford of Scars of Tomorrow

scars of tomorrow 2014

The Orange County metalcore scene was a well documented scene in the early 2000s, where a moderate sized music scene began producing bands that brought attention to a usually conservative area of Southern California.

Scars of Tomorrow reformed this past year after going on hiatus in 2007. They came out of the same scene as bands such as Throwdown, 18 Visions, and Bleeding Through, and made a name for themselves with their abrasive metallic hardcore sounds that fans have grown to love over time.

Frontman Mike Milford talked about what led to them going on hiatus. “Before these shows we’ve been doing this year, we disbanded around 2007. We had toured non stop for years and years. Real life started kicking in and everybody started going ‘hey let’s go back…’, finish what we’re doing with school, get real jobs, make some money and experience normal life for a while. That was around 2007. We started playing shows again in April. “

He explained how the reformation idea began nearly two years ago and they slowly began working towards making it a reality. “It kind of started with me and Bob [Bradley]. For the last year and a half or two years, we’ve been throwing the ideas around. He’s stayed pretty active with music. He has Fake Figures and he did a band SS Nova right after Scars. I’m a president of a record label [Artery Recordings] and I manage bands for a living.”

“We’ve been in this industry still this whole time so we thought ‘why don’t we start doing stuff again?’ We were done with our contract with Victory and since I own my own record label, I thought why don’t we write music and put it out on our own label. I have all the assets that we need and we literally do everything ourselves with no rules. We could do all the things we wanted to do. We finally found time to do it. The members who will be playing for us all have jobs we could travel with. It made sense. We would do it for fun now. We don’t have to worry about the BS and all the politics behind touring and what tours you get. It’s been cool to come back and play whatever shows we want to get on.”

Bob Bradley of Scars of Tomorrow

Bob Bradley of Scars of Tomorrow


They released a new EP on Artery Recordings titled Failed Transmissions, which gives a taste of what they are working on these days. While they haven’t stayed too far from their classic sound, Milford wanted to retain some of the flavor of the past within an ever changing music scene.

scars of tomorrow failed transmissions

“We put one out a couple weeks ago. We didn’t really do any crazy promotion or anything for it. We wanted it to come out around the time of these shows. We’ve been doing shows on weekends for about a month now. We wanted it to be word of mouth again, like it was back in the day.”

“Back in the day, I would be sitting out here with demos, passing them out. I kind of wanted it to be word of mouth. If somebody wants to buy it…they’ll hear about it, we’re playing shows..oh we’ll go check it out. It’s selling…not like it was back in the day when we were selling 20 to 30,000 each release. That’s what I wanted. I wanted it to be something small, kind of a comeback, see what people thought about it. We’re stoked to hear some good metalcore again. It doesn’t sound like all of these other bands now doing the same 4/4/4, same everything. There’s no autotuning. We like the raw sounds. It felt good to write a record like we used to.”

Mike Milford of Scars of Tomorrow. Photo By Keith Chachkes.

Mike Milford of Scars of Tomorrow. Photo By Keith Chachkes.

As for who’s in the current lineup, Milford said the current members will be doing the upcoming live performances. While the final few years of the band saw numerous members in and out of the band, they found a core group of people who they could manage to get things going again.

“This will be the lineup. The guy who’s playing drums for us now, Sam [Shepard], we had to literally call him a week before the shows started. Justin [Salinas], the guy who was in Scars before, his work was like ‘if you leave on tour again right now, you won’t have a job…’ You can’t lose your jobs. We all have real bills now. We’re not living at our parents’ house. We don’t want to live on people’s couches.”

“I got it so Sam is playing for me. He works for me at my record label. He’s my graphic designer, so I was like ‘hey do you want to take some days off of work and come hang out?’ He was like ‘dude that’s awesome!’ He’s worked for the company for a little over a year now and I’ve never had a chance to really bond with him outside of work. It’s been cool to get to know him to strengthen that friendship/work relationship. He’ll be in the band full time.”

“Mike Nordeen, who’s been a close band friend, and he works for me as well. It’s funny how it works. Bob [Bradley], he’s not playing bass any more. He plays guitar now. It’s what the core lineup is. Our friend Therron [Francis] is playing with us. We wanted to make it to where the core lineup is in Portland. So four of us in Portland and Bob still lives here in Orange County.”

“The four of us get together and practice, and Bob has to come in and plug and play since he knows how to play everything already. So that’s how it’s been working out. It’s nice.”

As for future releases, Milford says there are tentative plans of another release, but no set schedules as for when it may see the light of day.

“We’re already talking about the new EP or the new CD we’re going to do. We cranked out this last CD pretty fast. I knew what I wanted it to sound to be. I wanted to bring back that old sound, and write a CD that reflected some of our earlier stuff. The next CD, we’re talking about bringing in some new sounds and having some more people writing this time.

“I kind of took control of what happened on this last record. It wasn’t as many people involved, but now we’re playing shows together again, everybody’s getting the writing juices back. I’ve heard some cool ideas and some cool things coming out. It will be a cool collective of stuff.”

Interview By Rei Nishimoto

Interview: Mike Milford of Artery Recordings

artery foundation logo

One of the fastest rising new recording labels is Artery Recordings, a Sacramento, CA based record label and management company that began in 2010 with band manager Eric Rushing and Scars of Tomorrow vocalist Mike Milford.

The company has launched the careers of high profile acts such as Attila, Chelsea Grin, Capture The Crown, and I Declare War. Much like many independent metal labels launching with its own respective mission, Artery Foundation has slowly built up their bands from the ground up and groomed them into what they are today.



“They’re doing good man. It’s been a good time for sure. We’ve got Attila, Chelsea Grin, and I Declare War. We just signed some new bands. We’ve got some up and comers – Upon This Dawning, Slaves, Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan is so awesome. It reminds me of early Bury Your Dead.”

Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan. Photo By Keith Chachkes.

Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan. Photo By Keith Chachkes.

“It’s cool to hear a new heavy sound come out again. Deathcore was the big thing there for a while. It seemed like every heavy band sounded deathcore. Kublai Khan came back and brought back that Bury Your Dead, mosh n’ roll, early Eulogy/early Victory days. This reminds me of some older stuff but kids are taken to that again,” he said.

Now Milford is based out of Portland, OR, and he is getting an opportunity to explore musical acts in an area where the region has been producing a number of quality acts that are also gaining a lot of attention.

“A lot of the bands are popping up out of that area. There’s a lot of style of bands than what we work with normally. I do a couple different type of bands. We aren’t genre specific. There isn’t anything specific that needs to be on our label,” he said.

“There’s a band out there I like called Standing On Satellites – they’re pretty good. They’re friends of mine. They helped me out this summer with the Artery tent on Warped Tour. They’re out there selling their own CDs on the tour every day. They did a good job.”

“There’s a lot of metalcore, metal or hardcore up there. It’s kind of died out there. There are a couple new Seattle bands that are popping up. I do have one band from up there – I Declare War. Jamie [Hanks, vocals] lives in Portland. The rest of the guys live in Seattle.

I Declare War

I Declare War

He used his experience from his band to mentor his bands, and giving them advice on what is best for them. But he admits there are obstacles towards a band making decisions, and does his best to guiding them in the best way.

“Here’s the thing that sucks about a lot of touring bands,” said Milford, about the dilemmas of being a touring band in modern times. “They got a giant head start and so therefore a lot of them are able to straight into these massive tours and they never had to pay their dues. The one thing I try to teach all of these bands I start off with is to appreciate every level of growing as a band. If the band comes up too fast, they’re gonna go away just as quickly. They’re not going to get the same benefits and experiences out of it.”

Mike Milford of Artery Recordings

Mike Milford of Artery Recordings

For over a decade, Scars of Tomorrow built their name from the ground up from their early moments in Orange County, CA, playing to small crowds and working their way up to playing festivals across Europe in front of 30,000+ people.
Milford tries to install a certain work ethic into each of his bands so they are prepared for the rigors of the road through his past experiences.

“A lot of them look up to what I did in my career. I think that’s really cool. ‘We see what you did. We see what you built from the ground up and you weren’t given anything. You had to work hard for it. I’ve had to instill that into a lot of newer bands. Don’t be ashamed to go play a city that’s six hours away from you coming up when there’s only 30 kids there. Go do it because those 30 kids will tell 30 more. A lot of bands will go ‘fuck that. We don’t wanna play that. There’s not gonna be 500 kids there. We’re not gonna go. Blah blah blah.’ “

“You have to go pay your dues. Bands like Bleeding Through – us and them used to play this place called Koos Café together to 50 to 100 people when the scene here first started. Bands today never had to build a scene. It was already built for them. I think finding a way to have a building point for a band, they have to build it correctly. Don’t expect everything to be handed everything right away. A career doesn’t work out that way.”

Interview By Rei Nishimoto

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Jonny X Kyle X Midnite Releasing The Blueprint For Going In Circle in January

Jonny X Kyle X Midnite

Jonny Craig (current Slaves and ex-Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Ghost Runner on Third, westerHALTS vocalist) is releasing under Jonny X Kyle X Midnite (aka Craig, Kyle Lucas and Captain Midnite) their debut release The Blueprint For Going In Circle on January 27, 2015 via Artery Recordings, and their first single “We Black Hearts Bear The Cross” will be available on December 2, 2014.

02. Nightmares
03. Burn Baby Burn
04. Destiny, The two way street.
05. Istillfeelher Pt.5
06. ATTENTION! Drifters!
07. Give me a museum and i’ll fill it.
09. Worth It
10. Party And The Dream
11. Detroit winters.


Jonny Craig, Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite will be on The Blueprint for Going in Circles Tour with Down With Webster. Dates are below.

Jan 14: Glasshouse – Pomona, CA
Jan 15: Roxy – Los Angeles, CA
Jan 16: Soma Sidestage – San Diego, CA
Jan 17: Joes Grotto – Phoenix, AZ
Jan 18: LowBrow – El Paso, TX
Jan 19: San Antonio, TX @ Korova
Jan 20: The Door – Dallas, TX
Jan 21: Red 7 – Austin, TX
Jan 22: Walters – Houston, TX
Jan 24: The Local 662 – Tampa, FL
Jan 25: Jackrabbits – Jacksonville, FL
Jan 26: Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
Jan 27: Visualite Theatre – Charlotte, NC
Jan 28: Empire – Springfield, VA
Jan 29: The Barbary – Philadelphia, PA
Jan 30: Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA
Jan 31: Marlin Room – New York, NY
Feb 02: Waiting Room – Buffalo, NY
Feb 03: Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 04: The Basement – Columbus, OH
Feb 06: Emerson Theatre – Indianapolis, IN
Feb 07: Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
Feb 08: Triple Rock – Minneapolis, MN
Feb 10: Firebird – St. Louis, MO
Feb 12: Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
Feb 13: In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT

Austrian Death Machine – Triple Brutal


Just when you thought there was nowhere else to go, Austrian Death Machine; the Arnold Schwarzenegger themed band deliver the most beefiest and powerful sounding release to date. They cover everything from Red Sonja to the “maid incident”. From the crushing ‘I’ll Be Back’ all he way to the frenzied ‘It’s Turbo Time’, the production on here makes me wish all albums sounded this full. With the unfortunate situation Tim Lambesis finds himself in, this is likely the last new music from him we will get to enjoy for a while.

As always Lambesis handles the main vocals and a majority of the guitars. He’s damn fine guitarist and his voice just drives this beast. Just naming all the guests vocalist and guitarists on here would fill the review. A few stand out tracks belong to guitarists Doc Coyle on ‘Crom, Grant Me One Request’, and Mark MacDonald on ‘Chill Out Dickwad’ with his theme from The Terminator infused solo. A few of the vocal attacks come from Hatebreed main-man, Jamie Jasta ‘One More Rep’ and Lorenzo Antonucci of Sworn Enemy fame on ‘Pumping and Humping’ Besides the monstrous list of guest guitarists, the real highlight is the rhythm section of Brandon Trahan of Impending Doom and Joe Gericke of Death by Stereo. They are down right thunderous sons of bitches who aren’t pushing any pencils. They need to work together more. My personal favorites are the blast filled ‘I Hope You Left Room in Your Stomach For My Fist’ and ‘I Know Now Why You Cry’.

Oh what a fun ride this album is! Lambesis and company clearly having a blast and it can be heard. They make you want to spend the day watching movies, while working out. I look forward to seeing what they do with the newer Arnold movies someday.


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