Arrival of Autumn Shares Ozzy Osbourne Cover – “Bark At the Moon”

Rising Metal force Arrival of Autumn has shared a new digital single for their cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s Heavy metal classic “Bark At The Moon”! The song and the album of the same name came out on this day (November 15th) in 1983 and was Ozzy’s smash hit second solo album. You can stream and purchase at the links below and watch the visualizer for the trakcn now!

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Arrival of Autumn Books Tour With In Flames and Red, New Album Out Now

Canadian metalcore band Arrival of Autumn currently n tour with Soulfly, Unearth, and Prison, will spend the fall back in the USA this fall opening for In Flames and RED on tour. The bands’ new album Harbinger is out now via Nuclear Blast Records. Continue reading

Full Terror Assault Open Air Festival Announces Daily Band Lineups, Special Sale and Chicago Pre-Party

Full Terror Assault Open Air Festival is Americas’ best hope for a European-style heavy metal festival. Headlined by Soulfly, Kataklysm, Grave, Jungle Rot, Vio-lence, Exhorder, Unearth, Ringworm and dozens of more bands, the fest is less than a month away. Taking place September 4-7, 2019 at Cave In Rock, IL the event has just made a slew of new announcements including daily band lineups, special ticket pricing and news of the pre-party shows in Chicago.Continue reading

Soulfly Books “Blood On The Street” Tour with Unearth, Incite and More

Metal legends Soulfly have booked a new US Headline tour, dubbed the “Blood On The Street” tour. Direct support will come from Unearth, Incite, Prison and Arrival of Autumn. The 22-date trek will kick off on September 3 in Dallas, Texas and make stops in Baltimore, Houston and Albuquerque before concluding in Los Angeles on September 29th.Continue reading

Free Download: Happy Metal Annihilation Vol 5

amr_sampler_vol 5 cover_new-final

Asher Media Relations has a new holiday sampler Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 5 available as a free download below.

The track listing is as follows:
01: Accursed Spawn – Clotheshanger Abortion
02: Adrenechrome – The Lead Elephant
03: Aggression – Cut Your Sins Off (Galy Records)
04: Arrival Of Autumn – Like Fire
05: BLEED – Hate March Kill
06: BornBroken – A Nation of Ignorance
07: Cryptic Hymn – Revel In Disgust
08: Defect Designer – Crusaders (Sleaszy Rider Records)
09: Display of Decay – Created To Kill
10: Elderoth – Black And Blue
11: Éohum – Equatorial Rains
12: [Evertrapped] – Palace of Injustice (Hellstorm Recordz)
13: Evilheart – Decimated Opposition (Test Your Metal Records)
14: Exes For Eyes – Done For Good feat Speed Strid of Soilwork
15: Fall City Fall – Love And Art
16: Fallen Angels – Nightmare (Cyberdyne Records)
17: False Flag – Nest Of Vipers
18: FUCK THE FACTS – Solitude (Noise Salvation)
19: Gomorrah – A Disaster’s Nightmare (Test Your Metal Records)
20: Haiduk – Syth
21: Helleborus – Coils
22: Hibria – Pain (Test Your Metal Records)
23: id. – Sagittarius A
24: Infalling– Distorted Visions
25: Inverted Serenity – Everscending
26: Keychain – Shock Rock City
27: Leave The Living – Word of a Whore
28: Meridius – Walk the Plank
29: MUTANK – Corporate Child
30: New Jacobin Club – Parade of Innocents (Manticore Music Group)
31: Odium – Return to Form
32: Psychostick – Obey The Beard
33: Puttin’ On The Foil – Giver To The Liver
34: Pyramids On Mars – Heaven’s Gate
35: Saints of Death – Blood Vendetta
36: Scissortooth – 10 30 (Galy Records)
37: Seven Year Storm – Dyatlov
38: Silent Line – Black and White
39: Striker – Too Late
40: The Apex – Glass Walls
41: The Order of Chaos – Apocalypse Moon
42: Them County Bastardz – No Easy Way
43: Titans Eve – War Path
44: Train Bigger Monkeys – Lack of Morality
45: Tylor Dory Trio – Time The Beholder
46: Van Halst – Save Me
47: Vantablack Warship – The Pit
48: Vesperia – The Western Tempests
49: WILT – Illusion of Hope (Bindrune Recordings)
50: Windy City Slaughter – A Grave For Two
51. XUL – Orbit of Nemesis

Free Download: Destroying The Moshpit Vol 1 Compilation

all about the rock destroying the moshpit Vol-1-alt2-600x600

UK music site All About The Rock is making a free download compilation Destroying The Moshpit Vol 1 available here.

01: Bro Jovi – The Heist 01:58
02: Arkiva – Final Solace 03:54
03: Nothgard – Age of Pandora 04:58
04: Arrival of Autumn – Shadows 04:10
05: Black Tower – Death March 04:15
06: Cyrence – The Hospital 06:47
07: OMV – As Heavy as the Sky 03:32
08: Halo Creation – Through the Looking Glass 05:10
09: MUTANK – Corporate Child 02:35
10: Pravitas – Queen Nothing 04:04
11: Premortal Breath – Fuck My Brain 05:40
12: Psychostick – So Heavy 04:48
13: Witch of the Waste – I Bet You’re Wondering What I’m Doing With This Here Gas Can 03:52
14: Vintage Warlords – The Invisible Foe 06:40
15: Dead Earth Politics – Men Become Gods 05:15
16: My Wooden Pillow – The Line 04:10
17: Cave of Swimmers – The Prince of the Power of the Air 06:36
18: Moodhoover – Drop Jesus 06:32
19: The Kahless Clone – Everything You See is Gone 05:54

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Arrival Of Autumn Books March Show, Streaming Shadows In Entirety

arrival of autumn_press_photo_small

Arrival Of Autumn has booked an upcoming show.

Mar 13: The Zoo @ The University – Lethbridge, AB (w/ Eye Of Horus, Naraka, etc)

A band name inspired by Opeth lyrics (thanks to drummer Ty Fox) and influenced by various genres ranging from melodic death to groove metal to progressive to rock n’ roll, AOA’s catalogue has grown rapidly with two self-releases in 2014. First it was their debut EP Endless Nights in March followed by their ten track full length Shadows in September.

Touching on personal issues to triumphing demons as a band, ‘Shadows’ with a dash of dark lyrics and tracks such as “The Court Of Owls” to “There’s No Angels Here” to the infectious chorus of “Like Fire” demonstrates AOA are not just evolving, but are a live force raging to be discovered by the masses.

Stream their latest album Shadows here.

arrival_of_autumn - album_cover shadows_-_2014

Track Listing – Shadows
1. DanmnedNation (3:08)
2. Selfish Sanity (4:25)
3. Labryinth (4:21)
4. Forget Me Now (3:32)
5. Endless Nights (4:19)
6. Like Fire (3:22)
7. The Court Of Owls (4:10)
8. Shadows (5:01)
9. There’s No Angels Here (3:57)
10. Fall In Ashes (4:28)

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Arrival Of Autumn Books Upcoming February Shows

arrival of autumn_press_photo_small

Arrival Of Autumn has booked a couple of Alberta dates in February, in support of their latest release Shadows, which is streaming here.

Feb 13: The Vat – Red Deer, AB (w/Eye of Horus/Earth’s Ashes, Arrival Of Autumn, & Terrorfist)
Feb 14: Calgary – The Blind Beggar, AB (w/David Kemick, Day I Die, The Archon Prophecy, and Arrival Of Autumn)


Track Listing – Shadows
01: DanmnedNation (3:08)
02: Selfish Sanity (4:25)
03: Labryinth (4:21)
04: Forget Me Now (3:32)
05: Endless Nights (4:19)
06: Like Fire (3:22)
07: The Court Of Owls (4:10)
08: Shadows (5:01)
09: There’s No Angels Here (3:57)
10: Fall In Ashes (4:28)

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